Our own… White House

Ok, ok, I know I’m not the First Lady of USA and LaurenÅ£iu is for sure not president Obama, but I can say that we’re living in a white house. Not THAT White House, which is probably 300 times bigger, but for us, our tiny home is the equivalent of that well known residence. We’re crazy to compare what it can’t be compared, you’ll think, but when you’ll see the “Before” and “After” pictures, together with all the stages in between, you’ll understand that we were not crazy, but, for sure, not entirely normal either.


casa before scris

casa before2

casa after1 scris

casa after2 scris


I could manage, today, when is sunny, to take some pictures from outside the street and a funny thing happened to me. A lady who was passing by probably thought I was from some kind of real estate agency and asked me if the house was for sale. “No, is not”, I answered with a smile.

I’ll post today some pictures took from the street. “Before” and “After” pictures, to see how the house looked in July when it was just a Grey House, and how it looks now, after a serious face lift. We’re far from the end of our work, but we’re really proud of what we could do in the last four months.

Want Perfect Floors? Destroy Them First!


Pfffffffffffff….It’s been a little too long since my last post, but we’ve been really busy. First, to make our floors P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Yes, they are perfect now and I guess their color is one we’ll not be able to find somewhere else.
Ok, I’ll tell you about that. Exactly as I promised last time.
Upset with our contractor, and having the house on a level we really were able to do it ourselves, we’ve decided to make the final touches. And as we said, we did it. Not in the best way for the beginning…But as in every good story, everything is ok when it ends ok…
After we painted the white walls, action not so difficult on the walls, but very tirening on the ceillings, we were ready for the next step. The floors. The funny part is that every time when mr. L and I were in a painting shop, there was a crazy yellow color we hated. Till..yes, you guessed perfectly we bought exactly that color. PINE. But it looked perfectly on the can. Natural and beautiful, as we wanted. But the lightning hit us after the first brush on our brand new and almost white wood floor. Cause in our hurry to get the job done, we didn’t have the inspiration to try the paint on a wood piece.
Ok so we had a small shock, but there was no way back and we painted one yellow room, hoping the color will fade out by morning.
WRONG! It didn’t. It looked even stronger.
What do you think we did? We painted another room like that, and then the entire house, cause, as I said already, we had no choice. The paint was a special one, we could not remove from the wood only together WITH the floors.

It’s funny to think about now, but back then it was a small nightmare capable to keep me awake for about two nights..thinking “God, we made so many efforts only to find out that a yellowish paint is able to send us to madhouse!”…Mr. L. was almost in the same state of mind, and after deciding that we are not able to live with that crazy color, we tried to fix it somehow.
We bought in an evening another paint color, and after three (3!) new coats, VOILA! we had some nice and quite unique floors.

Thank God!

From the Beast to the…Beauty? Not yet, but we’re close


It’s me, “the 1st cat” 🙂 and even my first thought was to tell you first how we got here with our house, I’ve decided to start with the present and to sprinkle around from time to time some memories.
Since yesterday I’m living with this strange feeling that our house is a black hole. For our money, our time, thoughts and energy. Four months ago everything seemed nice and smoothly probably because we had money, time and excitement to start transforming the beast into the beauty.

However, I have to admit and to remember the terrifying thought I had on my first hour spent around our fresh bought house. I was S.C.A.R.E.D! cause only then I realized what we have been into and how much money and work we had to put in there. Looking back, I guess we have must been a little (more) crazy to make such an investment, and even I wanted so many times to run screaming, I’ve stayed. Maybe because I was stubborn enough to see that gem in the mud.

It’s been more than 3 months already of our 2 work months (as our contractor said) and we are still not in the house yet. We even “divorced” of our contractor and decided to finish the work all by ourselves.
This is how we’ve managed to paint our floors in an horrible yellow/orange pine color I could never live with.

…but that’s another story…