Our house is….years old

I’ve always knew our house is pretty old. Even in our hands it became young again, I knew it has an interesting life behind its walls and stories from the past.

I’ve always knew there were people who were born there, who probably died. And today I’ve found it.

casa after1

Our house is 119 years old and it will be 120 next year, in March the 21st.


I am sure now that I’m gonna see it differently. With great respect, admiration and love. Especially that it has such a “life experience”, it was “born” in the times when Transylvania was not even a part of Romania (1895) and it was a piece of Habsburgic Empire. And most of all it managed to go through 2 world wars and communist times.

Wow! Wow!

Make a new closet for only 30 dollars (Before & After pictures)

Sometimes, when I have a problem with something, the object or the idea sticks on my mind and I can’t escape. Exactly how it happens when an annoying fly goes around you on and on….

I’ve experienced something similar with our bedroom’s closet. I constantly had a problem with it. First it was too small with its 3 doors, then, when Laurentiu added another 2 doors I had a problem with the color. It was too….normal. Too ordinary… Too…closet.

1(don’t bother with the tiny white spot on the floor. There is the homemade paper “ball” for our cats to play)

Yeah, I hated it, and I couldn’t stand it and because of that I barely put my clothes in order. The good thing is that, in the moment I realized what I hate, I started thinking what I can do to improve it. To change it somehow and I thought the best way to do it while keeping the closet around, was through wallpaper.

There are so little things I really, really like and the biggest problem in my case, as a consumer, is that I really must fall in love with things to buy them. And as is happening so rare to truly love something, you can imagine how difficult it was for me to find a good wallpaper.ย 


The “rules” were simple:

*it had to be white in order to bring more light into our house

*it had to be something geometrical

*no feminine print

*it had to combine my style and Laurentiu’s

*it had to be something with no flowers or something that makes you wanna run

Luckily I’ve found something like this, so last evening, for about 2 hours we had fun putting on the closet’s doors the first wallpaper of our lives. Of course the whole operation is not completely finished. We still have some work to do on details, but tha-thaaaaa!


Here’s the result. And I really, really like it, especially that we have now a completely new old closet that costs only 30 dollars ๐Ÿ™‚


Don’t know what to do on a Sunday? Paint your doors

At least this is what we did today.

They say if you what to change the way your house looks like, the cheapest way to do it is by paint and I must admit it’s incredible how everything changes in a good way after some brush traces.


We didn’t want to dramatically change the way our home looks like, and that’s why we used white for the doors (the old color they had, actually), but we had to do it, cause they were not finished, and were ugly. Anyway, right now they look gorgeous and perfect and I can’t stop thinking that, indeed, the devil stays in the small things.


I am a perfectionist and everything around, even apparently messy, is (or must be) perfectly balanced. And sometimes I change and change the place of the objects until I find the perfect place for them.

We don’t want to spoil our CHI, right?


This is exactly what happened with the things we put around the house: the key box (we changed recently) with a tree of life, as I like to see it, carved in it, with the funny owl hanger in the kitchen, the wooden fish we brought from Crete, the blackboard fish my sister gave us, the iron birdie with the Crete’s bells.

1213and the little houses of Crete, we also brought back home from this beautiful, beautiful land piece.

Playing with our new (old) chair :D

It happened to me, sometimes, to look to the pictures took in some houses and think. WOW THAT’S WEIRD……I bet you’re gonna think the same way when you’ll see how the inspiration hit me this morning.


Don’t get scared, yet, cause what you see is only temporary. Anyway, Laurentiu asked me already: “What if I want to sit on that chair?” “You just remove the city”, I answered.


Yeah, we’re talking here about a city, OUR mini city who’s sitting on the chair we’ve bought 3 days ago (pictures HERE). An entire city on a tiny stool? But the stool is for people’s butts, you’ll say, not cities. Yes, they are and a chair made up like this may seem a little bit strange, but my point here is that you, me, us all have to be bold when we decorate our homes. Why wondering what people might think of your funny book shelf or about your strange chair or table? If you like it, just take it, or if a weird idea sparks into your head just go for it. Your house must represent yourself not some furniture catalog.


and you know what? I really like how my beloved city looks like on that peachy pinky chair… I think it’s funny, unusual and this is exactly what I’m looking for in our house: to raise questions ๐Ÿ™‚

You know, when we’ve decided to put stone on one wall of our tiny bathroom, people in the stores told us the stone was not for bathroom. But who actually listened to them? Not me, for sure. And that wall is exactly what makes our bathroom beautiful and interesting ๐Ÿ™‚ (look HERE to convince yourself)


Vintage, elegant, perfect floor lamp. It was waiting for us. I know it :)

Lighting is a very important aspect of a room. Almost as important as the furniture. People around here use, usually, only the central lights, but we tried to create our universe differently.

We like the light and we are aware that a room flooded with light brings peace, happiness and optimism to its people. In the daytime. But what do you do in the evening? I must admit I like a smaller light when the sun goes to sleep, but I would never say no to multiple sources of light.


That means I agree with the specialists who say you must have, in a room, 3 different sources of light, without counting the central one. Because we are good “boys” and we listen what the specialists have to say, we had until today 2 sources of light. A paper tall lamp IKEA’s style (pictures HERE and HERE) and a wall bracket light, but Laurentiu especially wanted a floor lamp. A tall vintage look one.

….and lucky as you know we are, we’ve found it….


The lamp of our dreams was waiting for us in a thrift store and it is like it was made exactly for our small living room. And it is such a beautiful object….Together with the tissue shade, the wooden and metal stalk with a story I am sure it has, it brings to the corner we’ve put it a beautiful, elegant warm light.


I know the lamp is old, but I have no idea what time is coming from. Maybe the 30’s? Well…I don’t know, and even I’d like to know, of course, I don’t really care as long as the lamp is here….with us…making the universe of 3 light sources complete ๐Ÿ™‚






Don’t you like your garbage can? Hide it!

As stupid as it may sound, but around here (in the whole country) people don’t collect the garbage selectively. What means that? Well….We have one garbage can for all the waste, where we put together all the materials from bio waste, till plastic, glass, paper and metals. Stupid, right? And so wrong for the environment. But it seems the light starts to sparkle in the tunnel, cause starting next year things are going to change.


Actually some modest signs can be seen already, cause people who live in individual houses are encouraged to separately put, in bags, the materials that can be recycled.

What I wanted to say is that we have one big garbage can we use for our garbage disposal and some plastic bags for the recycled stuff, and they were staying somewhere near the house, cause it was easier to be taken out, in the street, weekly. The big garbage can was staying not far from my eyes, actually and I hated it. No wonder why. I’ve never heard of a garbage can winning the Miss Universe contest, right? So I started to think on the solution. And, as long as I’m writing this post, I’ve found it.3


We used (Laurentiu, actually, cause he is the talented one in the family) the old pallets we had around the house from the constructing materials, to create a “home” for our garbage. He let space for the air to flow freely, to prevent the smell, he painted it in our house’s colors and added even a fix window frame, to make it more realistic. I’ve been thinking to add a flower box under the window and to plant flowers there, for a better look.

I must say I love what he did, especially that the “house” was placed in the back of our yard and you can see no garbage can around anymore.

The house doesn’t have a door – yet – but is going to….



Yay! Our Home is 1 Year Old. Before, After and in the process pictures

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear hooo – ouse Happy Birthday to yoooou!

Yes, startingย  today, our tiny white house is one year old. I mean last year on this time we had our paper signed so we became the owners of a….terrible, terrible new home :)))). Yes, I’m laughing now, but this is exactly how I felt – really scared – when I knew this house is our. For real, real.

before yafter hprocess1


As I wrote in one of my previous posts, we’ve never seen it as it was. Not before buying it but the reality hit us after we gave the money away. It hit me, at least, cause Laurentiu loved the house even when it was an ugly “Beast”.

They say, people make the place, and we tried to do our best in the past months. Today, after 12 months, I can say we are wiser, I think I would be able to take a new house from scratch :)))) just for fun and to use my experience, I know a lot about real estate, how a good house must look like and many things about constructions. The most important lesson we’ve learned is that nothing is impossible as long as you don’t give up, even everything around tells you you have not a single chance to succeed. What I also love is that we became a source of inspiration for some of the people who dream to have a house on their own.


12 months ago we had a yard full with weeds and coops, and a house with no water, no electricity, with not a real bathroom or kitchen, with a bad roof and bad floors, with broken windows and no modern heat system. Today we have a tiny white house, with a big kitchen where I can create my recipes, with all the things we love and inspire us, two cats – Miaunel & Norocel – a small terrace with an eating spot, our own lawn, a flower garden and a vegetable one :).

process3miaunelthe cats

I know this is not much for some people, but for us is an entire world. I also know we still have a lot of work to do around, but there is not bigger pleasure than waking in the morning and drink the coffee outside, in the garden, while watching the cats play.

afterafter2after h2

Wondering what we did this year? Well:

*we washed the walls till the bricks, just to make them stronger and to make a new coating and the insulation

*we changed the roof completely and we removed the old chimneys

*we removed the old wood floors, just to make a concrete floor, then a new wooden one

*we created a new window hole and we replaced all the windows

*we transformed a former room in the kitchen and we opened the hallway

*we created a small bathroom in a part of the hallway

*we painted the walls, the furniture, the old wooden doors and we transformed one of them in a french door

*we bought some new kitchen furniture, light fixtures all over the house and outside

*we changed the couch, our old stove

*we changed all the plumbing, electric and water network, and we made a new sewerage

*this spring we replaced the old yard wall with a new one, we put down all the coops we had around and the garage, just to make more room for our garden.

We still have a lot to do but about our future plans I’m gonna tell you tomorrow.

For now, champagne to everyone!

PS With the pictures I started backwards, cause I posted some of the yard before, after and in the process photos.

Our gallery wall doesn’t like to follow rules

There are voices who say a gallery wall must have a theme, or at least a common element that tie all the object put in plain sight seeing, for the people who enter your home.


Some months ago, sometime in winter we’ve decided to create our own wall and we wanted to recreate there, our story. We have chosen earrings, keys (no connection with anything, but the love we have for old things, with a story)…a poem, family pictures…

I had in mind for a while that we must work on our gallery wall so, last week we bought some interesting things we both fell in love with. I hate the rules and the rulers. I have a big problem with authority, so I can’t cope well with it. That’s why, our wall doesn’t follow the rules. We just put together the things we like, love and who inspire us, some old finds and the story is just in the beginning., cause we still have a lot of work to do there, to enrich our “art” gallery


Wondering what’s up with the city here? Laurentiu’s friend came by this weekend and he’s creating these cute houses , made of clay. The nice thing is that the houses you see and the tower here are replicas after our real and beloved city.


ps. I’m trying now to figure a way to hide the ugly nail from the glass teapot



“Ugly”, lovely and unique decorating objects

Some people might find them ugly. For me, they are very, very interesting. I’m not talking here about the white bird I’m gonna put somewhere in the garden, but about the sphere which is actually an oil lamp.


Today, before going to work, we’ve decided to stop for a minute in the old stuff store we bought already some of the things around the house. They don’t have very big things, but a lot of small interesting items. I must admit: I like a lot those places. They make me feel great and I have the feeling I landed in a magical land like Alladin’s cave.


I loved the small oil lamp on the first sight and I’ve learned already I must buy the things I fall in love with cause if I don’t, they start to hunt me for years. So we bought it and it was really cheap for such an interesting mini lamp – 2,5 euros. The wrought iron is one of the things I like too and we bought two iron objects from OBI.

I like the one that look like angel’s wings and the open circle too and I’m gonna put them, both, on our gallery wall. I’ve just cleaned them and I’m looking forward to see them on the wall.


Another object we bought today which is not in the picture, cause right now is soaked in the water to get clean, it’s a half tea pot made of glass.. You’re gonna love it if you like interesting and different things, so I’m gonna show it to you later, when is nice and clean.ย