Make a new closet for only 30 dollars (Before & After pictures)

Sometimes, when I have a problem with something, the object or the idea sticks on my mind and I can’t escape. Exactly how it happens when an annoying fly goes around you on and on….

I’ve experienced something similar with our bedroom’s closet. I constantly had a problem with it. First it was too small with its 3 doors, then, when Laurentiu added another 2 doors I had a problem with the color. It was too….normal. Too ordinary… Too…closet.

1(don’t bother with the tiny white spot on the floor. There is the homemade paper “ball” for our cats to play)

Yeah, I hated it, and I couldn’t stand it and because of that I barely put my clothes in order. The good thing is that, in the moment I realized what I hate, I started thinking what I can do to improve it. To change it somehow and I thought the best way to do it while keeping the closet around, was through wallpaper.

There are so little things I really, really like and the biggest problem in my case, as a consumer, is that I really must fall in love with things to buy them. And as is happening so rare to truly love something, you can imagine how difficult it was for me to find a good wallpaper. 


The “rules” were simple:

*it had to be white in order to bring more light into our house

*it had to be something geometrical

*no feminine print

*it had to combine my style and Laurentiu’s

*it had to be something with no flowers or something that makes you wanna run

Luckily I’ve found something like this, so last evening, for about 2 hours we had fun putting on the closet’s doors the first wallpaper of our lives. Of course the whole operation is not completely finished. We still have some work to do on details, but tha-thaaaaa!


Here’s the result. And I really, really like it, especially that we have now a completely new old closet that costs only 30 dollars 🙂


The garden grew beautifully in 5 months (Before and After pictures)

There are a few cold days around here and, suddenly, it feels like fall. Now, there are no autumn signs yet, despite the red, red cherry tomatoes, but I think I sensed some grape’s aroma lingering around the joyful garden.

The fall is coming and I almost feel the autumn’s melancholy I’ve always felt around this time of the year. And because of the cold nights and days that are going to come, I almost feel sorry for our garden. For all the annuals, the young sour cherry tree, for the green, green grass. They are going to experience some tough days, but only to come back again, next year full with spring energy.


Despite the pretty cold morning, I stayed in the garden today. With my bare feet. To feel the earth (and eventually become sick :))))), the smooth cold. And I thought of the garden, the blooming flowers around and all the beauties this great nature brought this year into our lives.

It’s been 5 months. Only. Since we started to labor the soil, and since we seeded the first seeds. Since then, the garden grew up, little by little, gave us vegetables  – potatoes, radishes, bell peppers, chilly, tomatoes, onion, garlic, cucumbers, and now goji and raspberries – grass to cut and lots of flowers and I’m so glad to see how beautiful some of the perennials grew up.

march 2014april againapril

For the next year I’m expecting bigger lavenders, sage and roses, stronger glycine and fig tree. I also have in mind to take some visits to the stores to buy some bulbs I’m gonna plant them these days to bloom next spring. Like tulips and daffodils. I want to buy as much bulbs as possible to make sure next year they’ll give us lots, lots of joy.


It’s been 5 months since we started to work the soil and 6 since we created space in the yard for our tiny garden. But I let you see everything and all the stages through the pictures’ eyes.


Yay! Our Home is 1 Year Old. Before, After and in the process pictures

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear hooo – ouse Happy Birthday to yoooou!

Yes, starting  today, our tiny white house is one year old. I mean last year on this time we had our paper signed so we became the owners of a….terrible, terrible new home :)))). Yes, I’m laughing now, but this is exactly how I felt – really scared – when I knew this house is our. For real, real.

before yafter hprocess1


As I wrote in one of my previous posts, we’ve never seen it as it was. Not before buying it but the reality hit us after we gave the money away. It hit me, at least, cause Laurentiu loved the house even when it was an ugly “Beast”.

They say, people make the place, and we tried to do our best in the past months. Today, after 12 months, I can say we are wiser, I think I would be able to take a new house from scratch :)))) just for fun and to use my experience, I know a lot about real estate, how a good house must look like and many things about constructions. The most important lesson we’ve learned is that nothing is impossible as long as you don’t give up, even everything around tells you you have not a single chance to succeed. What I also love is that we became a source of inspiration for some of the people who dream to have a house on their own.


12 months ago we had a yard full with weeds and coops, and a house with no water, no electricity, with not a real bathroom or kitchen, with a bad roof and bad floors, with broken windows and no modern heat system. Today we have a tiny white house, with a big kitchen where I can create my recipes, with all the things we love and inspire us, two cats – Miaunel & Norocel – a small terrace with an eating spot, our own lawn, a flower garden and a vegetable one :).

process3miaunelthe cats

I know this is not much for some people, but for us is an entire world. I also know we still have a lot of work to do around, but there is not bigger pleasure than waking in the morning and drink the coffee outside, in the garden, while watching the cats play.

afterafter2after h2

Wondering what we did this year? Well:

*we washed the walls till the bricks, just to make them stronger and to make a new coating and the insulation

*we changed the roof completely and we removed the old chimneys

*we removed the old wood floors, just to make a concrete floor, then a new wooden one

*we created a new window hole and we replaced all the windows

*we transformed a former room in the kitchen and we opened the hallway

*we created a small bathroom in a part of the hallway

*we painted the walls, the furniture, the old wooden doors and we transformed one of them in a french door

*we bought some new kitchen furniture, light fixtures all over the house and outside

*we changed the couch, our old stove

*we changed all the plumbing, electric and water network, and we made a new sewerage

*this spring we replaced the old yard wall with a new one, we put down all the coops we had around and the garage, just to make more room for our garden.

We still have a lot to do but about our future plans I’m gonna tell you tomorrow.

For now, champagne to everyone!

PS With the pictures I started backwards, cause I posted some of the yard before, after and in the process photos.

Tiny white romantic fence for the vegetable garden

One of the main reasons that made us buy a house with a plot was the vegetable garden. Laurentiu and I, we don’t like what our food became so we’re preoccupied on buying as clean fruits and vegetables as possible. We prefer the veggies  markets instead of supermarkets or hypermarkets and, even better, our own bio garden.

cocor after2

We followed the good advice “Don’t plant the vegetables you won’t eat “, so we have there only the vegetables we usually buy: radishes (they are almost eaten :D), a lot of green onion, a huge amount of tomatoes, some chilli peppers, bell peppers (not many), lettuce, chickpea and pea. We also had some old potatoes in our pantry and we planted them too, so in some weeks we’ll have new potatoes for our healthy meals.

cocor beforecocor after

The vegetables we have is not the reason I started this post, actually. The fence is. The tiny white, romantic fence we painted ourselves these days and that we used to define our small vegetable plot. I loved it the first time I saw it and I love it even more now, when is white and in its own place.

I have in mind to create a small sign, where to write: “The Bear’s Garden”. This is a very special garden, a fairy one (from the children books), where the vegetables taste better than regular ones, and where they grow pretty well.


I also took the liberty to post some random pictures taken around our garden, with the blooming chives, some young climbing rose, a pretty sage plant and the “bird’s” bath put on the ground filled with fresh water every day and used not by birds (because is not high enough), but by bees and cats to drink in hot sunny days.

P.S . Yeah, I know the grass is tall. We’re gonna cut it one of these days.

A garden in the making (Before and “After” pictures)

If you’re wondering how to spend the money you don’t actually have, ask us. We can solve your dilemma in no time, cause we know exactly how to do it 🙂

What I’m trying to say is that our life, home and yard were turn up side down lately, because we started about one and a half week ago the work in the back yard. A long ago, the former owner kept his household animals there – like pigs, rabbits, quails – and he even had a “rustic” toilette out there. Even the animals are long gone (eaten) and the rustic toilette was moved inside, that doesn’t mean the walls and the coops were removed. They remained there for so long that they forgot the role they played in people’s life. And probably they waited for us to do the job.

before yard2

yard before

so we did it (actually we’re doing it right now, cause the workers are outside, doing their job). In numbers, what the crazy old man had there were: 3 tones of metal and 9 trucks full of debris we had to take them out and this cost us money, especially that the yard was full with concrete we had to pull out too.

yard now

The good part is that we have chosen a great contractor (not like the last one) and the guys are doing a great job. Cause we are building a new wall – Mediterranean white one – we’re fixing the house’s wall, we insulate it right now and we’ll put some lights on the wall with a move sensor. As you can see in the picture, our fun is not ready yet, we still have to fix the back yard’s part, but we’ll do it later, cause we would not be ready till Easter.

Here, in the small yard we’ll create our garden I’m gonna show it to you when we’ll have it. So, I’ll be back with news when the guys will be ready, to show you the result :). Until then, keep the fingers crossed for us and our nerves.

yard before 3yard now2







Our own gallery wall (before, in the process and after pictures)

A white huge sea seemed to be one of our walls we have decided to give some life to. Since our rented apartment time, we had some kind of a gallery wall, but it was just a pale example of what we wanted to have, actually.


I simply love gallery walls, some places where you can put all the things you love, everything you want to show to the world, even your art. And so we did. Our wall is not full yet. There is plenty of room left in the white ocean, but this is what we wanted to expose, for now.


What I put there? Well……one of my “paintings”, one of my poems, an earring, keys, two old locks, a horseshoe, a white wood frame I put some letters on (with “hidden” words and messages), a fish and family pictures.

All we want from this wall is to tell our story….and I think it does


PS. Before asking Laurentiu to drill the holes in the wall, for me, I cut newspaper in the exact shapes of the objects and frames and I arranged them on the wall to be sure they are in the perfect place.


Create a fake brick wall on 10 dollars

Renovating the old house was not the only sport we had to handle for the past few months (the Before and After pictures are here), cause when we moved in, from the rented apartment, we had practically almost nothing. And what we had was difficult to keep (because of the ugliness :D). After buying the house and the huge home makeover (here), we had too little money left for making or buying new stuff, so we had to handle what we had for a while. And believe me it wasn’t easy at all.


We are living there for about 4 and 1/2 months and through the past 3 months we were busy changing the old furniture in order to make the space more appealing for us in the first place. First thing we did was to buy an electric oven and stove, to make a tiny part of kitchen’s furniture for them, to buy some light fixtures (see them here), a new kitchen table (now we’re able to put our guests in one place), and Laurentiu made 3 small cabinets for our stuff.

Life flows better in our kitchen now, cause it no longer looks like a storehouse, and we feel like we are able to go and stay there, a thing we could not do before. And me, I feel like I can breathe through all my ingredients. Even so, I can tell you the kitchen odyssey is far from being over and our “adventure” is still in the beginning, cause, after we finish what we have to do in the yard and around the house (this year we’ll start taking care of our garden and we’ll finish what we didn’t finish on the exterior of our home), we’ll change the kitchen completely. But that’s another story.

Anyway, this is the reason we didn’t want to invest too much in temporarily things, we’ll change anyway, and we search for simple and cheap solutions to change the “face” and air of the kitchen.

This is how we had the idea to create a tiny brick wall in the back of our stove and kitchen sink, with self adhesive vinyl paper.

All we had to do was to buy the printed paper, to measure everything, to be careful making the bricks flow and to add a narrow wood frame which we’re going to paint black :). For the whole fun we payed not more than 10 dollars.


Now we have kitchen light fixtures. Finally!

Our kitchen is far from being ready or perfect.  We still have tones of work to do there. The curent kitchen was initially a room we transformed into a kitchen, so you can imagine how difficult it was for us to create plumbing and all the other stuff needed in a room like that.

ceiling 1ceiling2

Anyway, until we’ll make the final furniture and appliances  we’re updating our kitchen as fast as we can.  This is what we did today, actually, when we installed the two rows of  light fixtures. In the morning and in the past few months we had two “naked” bulbs and three wires, and now we have some nice ligths on the ceiling.

We have chosen a funny dotted theme for them, to give our kitchen a happy new look. I guess we succeded it.

after lights 1after lights 2after lights3

PS. I really like this swiss cheese look the 3 pendants have

A tea cart: from old brown to young white (Before & After pictures)

Now that you’re squeezing me on the door, I must admit there are only few things in my life I am smitten with (or after): my husband, my family, our cat, our home and old furniture.


When I say “old”, it doesn’t mean, that furniture must look like it just came from the grand parents house. No, the furniture I simply and absolutely love was made somewhere in the past (older, the better), has a story, or several stories, a soul, sweet lines and some fresh paint for a younger look.


and….I think I’ve found this right before New Years Eve in an Antique store, when I fell in love with a tea cart. We (Laurentiu and I) saw this shop so we entered to see what’s around, with no intention of buying anything.


Cause when I saw the “ugly” brown tea cart, I practically begged Laurentiu to buy it for me. He didn’t like it very much, but I knew I could die if I wouldn’t have it.

So he did it, probably knowing I would start thinking day and night on that tea cart I have no idea what to do with yet, and where to put it.


One thing we did: we gave it a fresh start in our yard (for now), by adding a coat of white paint we are waiting to dry. Then we’ll find a nice place to put it.