There’s a new guy in town. He fell out of a linden tree :)

Miaunel, our black cat, loves to be our single “child”. He likes his food, his territory and he beats up almost any cat that comes around “his yard”. Officially, we have only Miaunel, even we feel pity for 2 other cats we use to feed once in a while, when they appear on our doorstep. But they are “wild”, don’t let us touch them, run like crazy only if we look at them, and don’t come around every day.

new3(we gave him a soft sock to play, to forget, a bit, about his mother)

Despite the love for his territory, Miaunel often feels bored and he comes and go every day, in search for fun. This is the reason we wanted to bring him a play mate. We thought a white cat would be nice, like Kusturica’s movie “White cat, black cat”, but the fate had something else in mind.

A funny thing happened yesterday evening. Laurentiu and I wanted to see a dance show and had in mind to take a walk to the event, and to forget about the car, because of the beautiful evening. This is how, not far from our street we heard a scared miawing. We looked closely and we discovered a grey striped kitten stuck in a tree. We took a chair from my father’s place and after some considerable efforts, aided by a juicy chicken bite, Laurentiu could get the little fellow out from the linden tree.


He was so little, so tiny and so scared, thin and hungry that we HAD NO CHOICE but take him home. We fed him, cuddled him and let him sleep on a towel on the couch for the night. The funny thing is that, even he cried out for his mother in the evening, he was quiet over night and in the morning he was not so scared anymore and even played.

Miaunel didn’t meet him yet (cause the new little guy is a boy cat), we let the kitten get used to us first, for a few days, than we’ll introduce him to Miaunel. The new guy doesn’t have a name yet, either. We feel is a little too early for that, but, if everything goes well, he will soon have one.


I had in mind, maybe, to call him May, cause we are pretty sure he was born in the beginning of May and is about 1 month old.