Our gallery wall doesn’t like to follow rules

There are voices who say a gallery wall must have a theme, or at least a common element that tie all the object put in plain sight seeing, for the people who enter your home.


Some months ago, sometime in winter we’ve decided to create our own wall and we wanted to recreate there, our story. We have chosen earrings, keys (no connection with anything, but the love we have for old things, with a story)…a poem, family pictures…

I had in mind for a while that we must work on our gallery wall so, last week we bought some interesting things we both fell in love with. I hate the rules and the rulers. I have a big problem with authority, so I can’t cope well with it. That’s why, our wall doesn’t follow the rules. We just put together the things we like, love and who inspire us, some old finds and the story is just in the beginning., cause we still have a lot of work to do there, to enrich our “art” gallery


Wondering what’s up with the city here? Laurentiu’s friend came by this weekend and he’s creating these cute houses , made of clay. The nice thing is that the houses you see and the tower here are replicas after our real and beloved city.


ps. I’m trying now to figure a way to hide the ugly nail from the glass teapot