“Ugly”, lovely and unique decorating objects

Some people might find them ugly. For me, they are very, very interesting. I’m not talking here about the white bird I’m gonna put somewhere in the garden, but about the sphere which is actually an oil lamp.


Today, before going to work, we’ve decided to stop for a minute in the old stuff store we bought already some of the things around the house. They don’t have very big things, but a lot of small interesting items. I must admit: I like a lot those places. They make me feel great and I have the feeling I landed in a magical land like Alladin’s cave.


I loved the small oil lamp on the first sight and I’ve learned already I must buy the things I fall in love with cause if I don’t, they start to hunt me for years. So we bought it and it was really cheap for such an interesting mini lamp – 2,5 euros. The wrought iron is one of the things I like too and we bought two iron objects from OBI.

I like the one that look like angel’s wings and the open circle too and I’m gonna put them, both, on our gallery wall. I’ve just cleaned them and I’m looking forward to see them on the wall.


Another object we bought today which is not in the picture, cause right now is soaked in the water to get clean, it’s a half tea pot made of glass.. You’re gonna love it if you like interesting and different things, so I’m gonna show it to you later, when is nice and clean.