Our baby garden – a glance in the future

Our garden is one more week older and, even we continue to plant seeds and seedlings, we’ve started to see the first results of our work. Two of our 12 roses (10 of them are climbing roses) almost opened their flower buds, some of the vegetables are almost ready to harvest (the green onion), the grass is bigger and thicker and I can’t even tell you in words how much I love seeing them like this, developing, growing, blooming.  

lavender(via: northcoastgardening)

tamarix(tamarix via: growsonyou)

Our collection of plants is not so diverse as I’ve already told you, and unfortunately, some of the plant’s roots we planted a while ago don’t show any signs of life. It is the case of the 2 Echinacea, 3 Salvia plants, the poppy and some lillies and that’s why we’ve decided to plant something in the free space. Maybe they will grow later, I don’t know…but I can’t see the empty soil like that…

kerria(kerria japonica via: terra4incognita)

glycine(glycine via:passionfleurs2013)

The option for the free zone is one and only LAVENDER. That’s my number one favorite plant and I simply love it for so many reasons… It is a strong plant, it doesn’t require constant attention, the cold in our area doesn’t kill it, neither the warm summers and it doesn’t need too much water to survive. And those are just some of the aspects, cause it seems nothing compares to its beautiful fragrance, and the charm of the blue, lila flowers. I love it cause it attracts bees and butterflies and we need them both in our space, to make sure our berry plants, tomatoes and peppers are going to have fruits.

clematis(clematis via: mirror)

If lavender is my favorite plant and we have already 12 of them 🙂 some “exotic” shrubs are also in row for winning my heart. We live in a temperate climate area, in a mountain region, with colder air than in the southern part of the country and that’s why a fig tree might be considered an exotic appearance, around here. So we bought one. I already had a fig tree in my parent’s yard for about 7 years and in the last 3 years we could even eat some figs. I know what to do to help him survive in our cool winters and what branches to cut or not to, to make him rewards us with the beautiful fruits.
honeysuckle(coral honeysuckle via: blogfinger)

Lavender, a fig tree, a kerria japonica bush, coral honeysuckle, english dogwood, clematis, climbing roses (especially yellow and white ones) are the plants (still kids) who found a foster home in our garden by now and one of my favorite and a plant I’ve always dreamed to have is wisteria, the glycine, as we all know it.

They are all still children plants right now, so they don’t look like in the pictures, but they are going to :). I love them and the garden too much and that’s why I’ll make sure they are going to be gorgeous. The plants and the garden are the main reasons we wanted so much to have a house with a plot and that’s why we made such a great effort to have them both for the past 12 months. Cause I can’t believe that last year on this time we have just found our current home on the market…