Some flowers from our garden

I have experience with gardens and gardening so I must say that creating a whole new garden from scratch is not an easy thing to do. First of all you need to be careful with the soil, cause a bad soil can destroy all your work and investment. Then, you need pretty much money on your hand for all the bulbs, plant’s seeds, for seedlings or the full grown plants, shrubs and flowers and then you must prepare to be ve(eeeeee)ry patient cause the grass doesn’t grow over night and neither the flowers.

23(there, in the back we planted two Clematis…unfortunately one of them couldn’t make it…)


But I’m not complaining……especially that I’m aware and I’ve always said “the most beautiful gardens are the mature ones”. Our garden is still a baby, our three weeks old baby, and we have plenty of work ahead but I love to see all the bulbs magically transformed in tiny plants.

14(as I said already, we have a lot of work to do)

Our garden is very, very young and even I would love to see the climbing roses up on the wall, I am happy for all the new flower bud they are creating. And thank God they have buds.


(I really like how Campanula looks like, but I’m not crazy for the plastic pot. I’m gonna change it, but I didn’t find time)

Right now, we can’t say we have a great collection of flowers and plants and many of them are still germinating, but there was a Garden Festival in our city, last weekend, we visited for at least three times and we bought a lot of plants. The one I love most is Wisteria Sinensis, Glycine in common language. We payed over 30 dollars for it, and even is pretty young right now I almost see it fully bloom, creating a magical lila world…

87(We’re gonna eat sour cherries this year. The teen age tree made 5 sour cherries)