Watching the grass growing (in our very young garden)

Our garden is almost ready. Actually the wall is built up, covered up as a Mediterranean one, lighted up 🙂 and the junks around the yard are took out in a 99 percent.


We even planted some roots and bulbs – Echinacea,  Salvia, Poppy, lilies, irises, the Irish moss, Lavender, some flowers I don’t know the name, a native Jasmine and 10 roses (8 climbing and 2 normal ones).

20140426_11391120140426_113759The predominant color now is violet, from the plants we bought fully grown, a color I love actually.  What I love most right now is the beautiful grass growing. We planted it about a week and something ago and Saturday we could see that the seeds are alive. It seemed like centuries since they started to show some signs of life, and now I can’t even tell you how happy they made me.