I don’t comment the news, usually, and I know this is not my blog’s “profile”, but I feel the peace in our region is on the edge. I know that Russia has strategic interests in Ukraine and I know it was not right for Putin to just go and grab Crimea, but on the other hand, that piece of land was a Russian one and people there made a choice.

What I want to say is that is not clear, for sure, what is happening in eastern or south eastern Ukraine, but I know¬† I don’t want a war in our region. Ukraine is not a NATO member, so NATO doesn’t have any obligation to interfere in Ukraine or to “defend” it and it seems to me the Ukrainians themselves are doing a pretty good job to destabilize their own country.

I don’t like the way our leaders talk about war and I think it stays in our power to ask not to have one. I really think Germans, Austrians, English people, French, Romanians, Bulgarians, Americans should not die for Ukraine. I would never die for Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have the right to be free and to make their own choices, but they must find a way to this on their own way. Like Romanians did, for example, and only God knows how many people died on this land 25 years ago. I lived those times and I still remember the bullets sound.

We must ask for peace. Is OUR RIGHT. And I think the people we elected to represent us have the obligation to not drag us in a war that is not our. If this would happen, it would be the end of the world and WE MUST PREVENT THAT.

PS. It is so strange to see that people around the world don’t go in the street to ask for peace….