Eco feeling: Easter eggs dyed with onion skins

Today is Green Thursday for us, the orthodox people and that means we are 3 days ahead of Easter. Although Mary put the eggs’ basket on cross’s base on Friday, in my grandmother’s village, in Transylvania and in all the area, the tradition says you must dye the Easter eggs on Green Thursday if you want them to last and to not get spoiled so fast.


I don’t believe that, but I like traditions and I’m trying to keep them alive, that’s why, for some years I’m using natural ingredients for our Easter eggs.


Red onion leaves is my favorite ingredient for red color and is a proven recipe. There is no need to say that this is an ecological way to dye and healthy too, chemical free, cause all you need is:

1 pot (not your best cause the onion pigment will color it)

2 spoons of white vinegar


onion skins

and the eggs

If you want them to be shiny and prettier rub them with grease (oil or some animal fat). Don’t forget to do this step while the eggs are still hot.

How to do it? Very simple

Wash the eggs and dry them, then put them in the pot filled with water on the stove. Add the vinegar and the onion skins (use only the fine leaves as you can see in the pictures) and let them boil as usual. Stir once in a while during the boiling process to be sure the color will get to all the eggs. Use a spoon to take one egg out from the pot to verify the color.


When the eggs are hard boiled take them out on a newspaper or paper towel and rub them with grease.

That’s it!