We’ve decided to neuter Miaunel

I’ve always thought it is somehow barbarian to deny an animal the right to have “kids”. I know, I know, there are plenty of people who believe the opposite for a lot of reasons.


When Miaunel first came in our yard, it was pretty young – about 4 or 5 months old – so we’ve decided to wait a bit with this “harsh” decision and to let him grow and gain some muscles.

Now he is almost 9 months old (or 10, we are not sure), so fully grown up in cat’s world and we guess he already impregnated a grey cat who’s his friend and hanging in our yard too. I feel sorry for her, cause she’s tiny, young and scared of people and we realized the kittens he will make all over the neighborhood will find a house really hard.


So, in a very few words, we will neuter Miaunel for the sake of his future “kids” who will not die of starvation or because of the kids cruelty. Ah, and if the grey tiny cat will have his kittens and will bring them by, we’ll take care of them. And if we will not be able to adopt all of them, we’ll make sure they will have a nice, cozy and loving new home.