Our own gallery wall (before, in the process and after pictures)

A white huge sea seemed to be one of our walls we have decided to give some life to. Since our rented apartment time, we had some kind of a gallery wall, but it was just a pale example of what we wanted to have, actually.


I simply love gallery walls, some places where you can put all the things you love, everything you want to show to the world, even your art. And so we did. Our wall is not full yet. There is plenty of room left in the white ocean, but this is what we wanted to expose, for now.


What I put there? Well……one of my “paintings”, one of my poems, an earring, keys, two old locks, a horseshoe, a white wood frame I put some letters on (with “hidden” words and messages), a fish and family pictures.

All we want from this wall is to tell our story….and I think it does


PS. Before asking Laurentiu to drill the holes in the wall, for me, I cut newspaper in the exact shapes of the objects and frames and I arranged them on the wall to be sure they are in the perfect place.