Create a fake brick wall on 10 dollars

Renovating the old house was not the only sport we had to handle for the past few months (the Before and After pictures are here), cause when we moved in, from the rented apartment, we had practically almost nothing. And what we had was difficult to keep (because of the ugliness :D). After buying the house and the huge home makeover (here), we had too little money left for making or buying new stuff, so we had to handle what we had for a while. And believe me it wasn’t easy at all.


We are living there for about 4 and 1/2 months and through the past 3 months we were busy changing the old furniture in order to make the space more appealing for us in the first place. First thing we did was to buy an electric oven and stove, to make a tiny part of kitchen’s furniture for them, to buy some light fixtures (see them here), a new kitchen table (now we’re able to put our guests in one place), and Laurentiu made 3 small cabinets for our stuff.

Life flows better in our kitchen now, cause it no longer looks like a storehouse, and we feel like we are able to go and stay there, a thing we could not do before. And me, I feel like I can breathe through all my ingredients. Even so, I can tell you the kitchen odyssey is far from being over and our “adventure” is still in the beginning, cause, after we finish what we have to do in the yard and around the house (this year we’ll start taking care of our garden and we’ll finish what we didn’t finish on the exterior of our home), we’ll change the kitchen completely. But that’s another story.

Anyway, this is the reason we didn’t want to invest too much in temporarily things, we’ll change anyway, and we search for simple and cheap solutions to change the “face” and air of the kitchen.

This is how we had the idea to create a tiny brick wall in the back of our stove and kitchen sink, with self adhesive vinyl paper.

All we had to do was to buy the printed paper, to measure everything, to be careful making the bricks flow and to add a narrow wood frame which we’re going to paint black :). For the whole fun we payed not more than 10 dollars.