It’s so boring and trivial to be unhappy

Life doesn’t give us too many reasons of happiness. There are so many things “not so perfect”, ugly, painful, upsetting that is almost a miracle we find sometimes a glimpse of happiness. But they are almost invisible and absent in the majority of moments. And for most of the people.
There are people who are looking for unhappiness day by day, in somewhat of an intellectual drunkenness and who are convinced that happiness is a feeling for poor spirited people, cause it’s cooler to have a terrible and completely dark day.miau1

Finding happiness is difficult. It’s very difficult, I can say, cause for many of us the pain and misery are like breathing, drinking or eating. It’s in our being to search for the bad and the ugly moments in life. We just can’t help it.

But if you ask me, happiness is a way of seeing things. The angle you’re looking life is the key to open an incredible door. It’s easier than you think to be content about that tasty morning coffee, the beautiful sunny day, the spring, the falling snow. You can get mad on the cold blowing wind and spoiling your day, or you can focus on the beauty of a complete sunny day.
Happiness is a matter of angle and personal choice, and is just wrong and stupid to give other people the power to control your mood and joy. If you let someone to annoy you and you’re thinking all day long what that person did or said and how upsetting that was, you let the power slip out of you hand. And you are on other people’s mercy.

Happiness is difficult to achieve, but is not impossible. It is easier (boring and trivial) to be angry and in misery so why not switch the angle you’re seeing the world through?

PS. Miauner, our cat, is ONE of the reasons of our beautiful days and happiness