Now we have kitchen light fixtures. Finally!

Our kitchen is far from being ready or perfect.  We still have tones of work to do there. The curent kitchen was initially a room we transformed into a kitchen, so you can imagine how difficult it was for us to create plumbing and all the other stuff needed in a room like that.

ceiling 1ceiling2

Anyway, until we’ll make the final furniture and appliances  we’re updating our kitchen as fast as we can.  This is what we did today, actually, when we installed the two rows of  light fixtures. In the morning and in the past few months we had two “naked” bulbs and three wires, and now we have some nice ligths on the ceiling.

We have chosen a funny dotted theme for them, to give our kitchen a happy new look. I guess we succeded it.

after lights 1after lights 2after lights3

PS. I really like this swiss cheese look the 3 pendants have