Snack feeling: Bruschetta (the “hard” way)

The hard, or the easy way, no matter how you do it, Bruschetta tastes the same. No wonder, when there are the same ingredients “involved”: bread, tomatoes, salt, pepper, garlic, basil and olive oil.


In my case, I like to add another tasty ingredient in many of my dishes, so here too – parmesan – and a secret one – love. It’s funny how a bite is able to lose its savor if you prepare it when you’re angry, upset or ill, so if you want your meal to be perfect and have the “Je ne sais quoi” thing, do it with love.


Even all Bruschetta may appear to taste the same, if you look closer, there is still a difference between them. It stays in texture and in some of the flavors, and I might say, the same as Laurentiu, that “the hard way” Bruschetta is tastier. Maybe because you need a little more patience, time, love and attention to do it. And there is an oven involved in this culinary “affair”. All of these being said, let’s prepare some “hard way” bruschetta. (And no, this one is not difficult at all.


What you need:


3 garlic cloves

bread (any kind of bread – I used an olive bread for a more Mediterranean feeling)

basil (I couldn’t find my basil, so I used oregano)

salt & pepper

olive oil


How to do it

1. Cut the tomatoes in small cubes and add them salt, pepper, the crushed garlic and the oregano or basil (or both). If you have fresh basil use it. Your food will have a great, freshy flavor

2. Cut the bread, put into the oven tray and place the tomato composition on each of them

3. Add to each slice olive oil and some grated parmesan

4. Put in the oven until the cheese melts but be careful to not let the bread get too dry