Living room inspiration: It seems I like everything!

Cottage, funky, classic, eclectic, colonial, all white with a splash of color, industrial, all black with some glamorous gold, exotic, Mediterranean….and so on…and so on…

I’ve been focused on living room lately: living room couch, living room coffee table, living room wall art, living room rugs and I’ve realized there are billion of ways to decorate it. All white, all black and the colors in between. Surfing on the internet I can see I like all particular styles, but even some of them are completely different than others, I know already I like bold and interesting designs, not ordinary, cause ordinary means boring.

I want our living room be at least intriguing with pieces that apparently don’t match, that are in opposite directions and exotic. I hope I will be able to do that.

Until then, I’m looking for some inspiration.




Here we are…the white, romantic, simple, cottage – beach mood. How could you not love it? Just lay down on that simple white couch and dream…about cookies, and sweet cup cakes, fluffy cats, friendly dogs, the loved ones and lazy days….




Colonial and eclectic style…Hm. Colonial is classic and exotic, with woody textures and animal prints. I’m not crazy about animal prints, but there is something exotic about this one. Anyway,  I must admit I like this eclectic living room more. Yes, is not white, but is absolutely elegant, modern and…perfect. The eclectic style is tricky, cause you can clutter the space in no time if you don’t know what you’re doing. Balance is everything and here they did it perfectly. I love it



Yes, I love industrial style too…How could you not like it?


funky 9via

This one was on funky category. I would rather call it somehow…neutral.

oriental 10via

I left my absolute favorite picture for the end. I love the combination of textures, the earthy feeling and the soft and exotic lines…