What? Tajine? I want it, I want it!

There are several things on earth that, when appear in my vision, they get stuck in my brain and never leave. Yeah, obsession is the key word for that “illness” i don’t wanna cure, anyway.


The thing that got stuck in my mind, and gives me no peace lately, is TAJINE, the beautiful, beautiful vase, used in Arabic kitchen, that makes the food… Well… I don’t know how it makes it, but I wanna try for sure.

Did I tell you that when it comes to food I like all the new stuff (and healthy). Yeah, Romanian traditional is fine, but because I have it on my finger tip I’m not curious at all about it. I like exotic food, new and interesting. The newer, the better and, lucky me, Laurentiu is eager to try my culinary experiments. Maybe because I didn’t burn anything or poisoned anyone, yet.


Tajine vase……Hmmm……I’ve seen it in a shop and I want it. B.A.D.L.Y. Who knows maybe I’ll get a present in the near future to finally see how the food tastes like.

PS. The pictures are not mine (obviously). They are taken from wikipedia 🙂