White, white, white, again

No, I don’t have any white obsession lately (because red is my obsession, but we can’t paint our home all red, can we?) but after the tea cart, it was the recently bought glass cabinet’s turn to become…white too.

2014-01-08 11.15.40

We bought the cabinet from the same place we took the tea cart, so I can say the both items are somehow brother and sister, or at least related. Especially that they are both white, now.

I absolutely love this glass cabinet and even it needs some final touches it brings elegant lines and light into our kitchen. Cause we’ll put it into the kitchen to take care of our glasses and plates, until we’ll make the real furniture we want there. Then the glass cabinet will be moved in the living room.

2014-01-08 12.02.13

The cabinet was brown before, the old brown I was talking about yesterday in my last post, but I don’t have any good quality picture from its “Before” times. That’s why I’ll show you the only “After” pictures (outside and on its place).

2014-01-08 12.02.29