The owners of a mini city (Christmas window decoration)

Who wouldn’t like to own a city? In love of the idea of being the same as a magnate, I’ve decided yesterday to create our very own city. Actually our own town. We can’t say, now, we will gain some nice money from taxes, cause our city has only 3 houses, but the pretty thing about them is that they all are in love with their hearts in the roof, so nobody “inside” hates us, the magnates :))))).


The winter town has a tree, a pale of snow as background, a huge snow ball, and grew up on our window.

Yes, I’ve decided to change the windows decorations, by removing the fake snow and the blue lights (I didn’t like much), and by adding a mini town and some hanging silver globes on white and silver crepe paper. I can finally say I like how our windows look like.


PS. The whole arrangement didn’t cost more than 5 euros (6,5 USD).