Mirror, mirror on the wall? Well… Depends on the model

Mirrors are the magical objects where other worlds are born. No wonder all the good fantastic stories have a mirror hidden (or not) somewhere between the lines. I like mirrors in stories, and in interior design too, for their capacity to make places and rooms appear larger and for the illusion they give you that, if you know where to look, you may find another world behind the watery surface.
I like mirrors and I want us to put one on our small hallway. A tall one that I’m almost sure it will look like a window.
I have a philosophy for smaller places – Go big or don’t go at all – meaning that even you have the tendency to put a small lighting object (for instance) in your small hallway, don’t do it. Use a large chandelier for the WOW effect, cause, for sure, this is how you’ll cross over all the expectations.
We did it too. We hanged on our hallway ceiling the big Ikea’s Maskros lamp and it does look great. Especially in the evening.

maskros buna
The next step is the mirror I am talking about. I’ve found some mirror’s models I like, but the first one here is my favorite. This is how my hallway mirror will look like, but with a black frame.

1st inspiration2nd inspiration3rd inspiration


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