Chania (Crete Island), a great source of inspiration

A huge and beautiful surprise was the northern town of Crete Island, Chania, for us. What made us fall in love with this place, watered by the salty Mediterranean Sea, was the love of life and the easiness you can find on locals. I like Greeks, a lot, especially because they don’t seem to hurry all the time, are great in the kitchen and love life.

19(Chania, the old venetian harbor)


What I really liked about the people in Chania is their incredible creativity, and a sense of color and art you can find all over the city, especially in the old town.

24(Crete loves olive trees and you can find them all over the place. Even near doors)

6(This is actually an art small shop. In the back you could find a surprise: a tiny terrace garden)

3(beautiful decoration near a door on a narrow street)

8(This taverna has a boat’s piece as a firm sign. creative, isn’t it?)

9(circle – chair – small table on a street)

5(euro pallets for flower holders)

7(the entrance on a gift shop)

1(travelers table – and chairs :))

10(tiny street, tiny shop)

11(one of the narrowest restaurant’s terrace. in the “middle” of the street)

12(the narrowest street terrace :))

15(Turkish traces )

14(entrance details)

13(plants and flowers everywhere)