Our latest aquisition: antique beautiful stool…

I simply and absolutely adore old things, but I must say I would not like to fill our house only with old furniture and decorations, mix and match, eclectic and beach styles being my favorites. I think a house and an interior become interesting only when a modern object or furniture is put near an old one, an antique stool, for example being able to become more interesting near a simple table or couch.


What I’m trying to say is that we bought today a gorgeous stool. It is an old piece we’ve taken from a flea shop and I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe we’ll paint it white and we’ll use it as a side table to give a splash of color to our living room, or we’ll keep it just the way it is and we’d find a place for it, or would paint it black to make it look a little bit like another stool we have with a simpler and more classic line, but I’m not sure yet.


Anyway, just for now, since we’ll figure out what to do with it, we put it somewhere in the sight to look at it all the time… And to imagine all the stories it hides behind its beautiful somehow peachy velvet upholstery…


Whatever we decide, I’ll let you know