Create your own flavored oil

Flavored oil….Oh I like it soo, sooo much and that’s why I’m trying to have a little bottle in my pantry all the time. I don’t like to buy things like these. Things I can actually make myself, especially that there is such an easy thing to do….

You can use flavored olive oil especially on salads, but I also like to sprinkle with it the feta cheese, together with some fresh lemon juice and fresh herbs.

oil forknplatefoto credit: forknplate

What you need:

*a small glass bottle with a cap

*extra virgin olive oil

*red, green and black whole pepper

*a tiny branch of thyme and rosemary

*3 garlic cloves without skin

*a chilli if you like spicy foods

How to do it

Put all the herbs and condiments into the bottle, then add the oil over. Seal and let them rest in a cool and dark place (not in the fridge) for about 3 days. Always keep this oil in the cool and dark place 🙂