Probably the tiniest bathroom in the world…

I guess that, if the Guiness Book guys would get on our street and would use, by absurd, our bathroom, they will not give us a prize for the tiniest bathroom in the world, but they will put it for sure among the smallest.
Have you ever thought you’d never be able to put a sink, a shower, a toilet and your bathroom stuff in a 1,7 square meter room? Well I can tell you it’s possible.

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Because we thought (for a very good reason) we could never use the old bathroom the house (still) has, we had to find a solution for a brand new such a place. So…we built our bathroom in a part of the old hallway, it has exactly 1,7 square meters and for now is the only bathroom in the house.
Despite it’s small dimensions, I can say it is one of the most charming places around here, especially because we didn’t listen to all the advices we got and instead of making it all white, we put paving stone on one of the walls. There is now a tiny sink, a tiny shower we had to buy from the internet cause we didn’t find it in the stores and (don’t smile!) a NORMAL toilet.

Right now, the bathroom is not completely finished, but it has already a big mirror, for the illusion of a bigger space, white and “stoned” walls, high ceiling and in the near future it will have some extra glass here and there.

I’m adding some pictures. Of the old hallway and the bathroom :).

PS. Sorry for the quality of the 1st picture, but it is the only one I have from that time

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