Dinner feeling: I broke the ice! I cooked the first tajine of my life (with chicken, lemon and olives)

If you live in Romania or Transylvania a chicken, lemon and olive tajine might sound and be a bit too exotic for your taste. It is a great, flavored, incredible dish, but if you’re used to eat only the cabbage rolls with meat and rice, or if the most exotic dish you’ve ever tasted was cheese omelet or slănină (pork fat), then you might not like this dish.


I’m not saying I’ve eaten all, or that I am used with the most exotic dishes in the world (oooh, I’m really far from that), but I have this open minded view over the food matters. I really think that if you want to know a nation’s heart, you must taste their food. You must sit with them on the same table and share their favorite soups, or main courses or desserts, together with their stories.


That’s why, I’m trying as much as possible to educate my palate, to be able to enjoy some crazy tastes:). So, if you ask me, the world of taste is almost infinite and fascinating and I can’t wait to discover as much as possible of it.


As you may know already, I got two great presents on my birthday. Two tajine cooking pots 🙂 I could not wait to use. I was dreaming about such a pot especially that I was aware they would open the door for an entire world of interesting tastes.


The pots are great, really good quality from Emile Henry and I really don’t want to know how much they cost. I can’t say I could not imagine….Anyway, they are such a good quality pots, that you can use them everywhere: in the oven, on an open flame, on an electric stove (as ours) and even on hot kohl.


So, in the spirit of a great experiment, I prepared, for our dinner today, the first tajine of my life and it came out great. We really, really loved it, even I’m sure my next tajines are going to be better and better 🙂 (yeah, I know I’m the Queen of Modesty)


What I used:

*6 chicken drumsticks


*salt & pepper (they always go together as the day and the night :))

*garam masala

*ginger powder

*onion & garlic from our garden

*lemon rind

*2 spoons of olive oil

*1 tea spoon of honey

*olives (with stones)

*the tajine pot


How I did it:

1. I sprinkled a large plateau with the salt, pepper, turmric, garam masala and ginger powder and mixed all the spices together.

2. Trundle the chicken in the spices until is well covered, then place it in the fridge for one our (I cheated, cause I let it in for just a half hour)

3. In the meantime chop the garlic and the onion and sautee them in a half spoon of olive oil. When they’re soft take them out and put them aside

4. Take the chicken our from the fridge and fry it well in the rest of your oil

5. Put the tajine vase on heat, add the chicken, the onion and garlic, the lemon rind, olives, the honey and some warm water. If you want more sauce add more water, but you don’t need too much to cook your great dish

6. Put the lid on and let it cook  slowly for about one hour, or more, on a very soft heat.

7. Serve it with plain basmati rice, or if you like it a bit salty add some salt.