Watching the grass growing (in our very young garden)

Our garden is almost ready. Actually the wall is built up, covered up as a Mediterranean one, lighted up 🙂 and the junks around the yard are took out in a 99 percent.


We even planted some roots and bulbs – Echinacea,  Salvia, Poppy, lilies, irises, the Irish moss, Lavender, some flowers I don’t know the name, a native Jasmine and 10 roses (8 climbing and 2 normal ones).

20140426_11391120140426_113759The predominant color now is violet, from the plants we bought fully grown, a color I love actually.  What I love most right now is the beautiful grass growing. We planted it about a week and something ago and Saturday we could see that the seeds are alive. It seemed like centuries since they started to show some signs of life, and now I can’t even tell you how happy they made me.



I don’t comment the news, usually, and I know this is not my blog’s “profile”, but I feel the peace in our region is on the edge. I know that Russia has strategic interests in Ukraine and I know it was not right for Putin to just go and grab Crimea, but on the other hand, that piece of land was a Russian one and people there made a choice.

What I want to say is that is not clear, for sure, what is happening in eastern or south eastern Ukraine, but I know  I don’t want a war in our region. Ukraine is not a NATO member, so NATO doesn’t have any obligation to interfere in Ukraine or to “defend” it and it seems to me the Ukrainians themselves are doing a pretty good job to destabilize their own country.

I don’t like the way our leaders talk about war and I think it stays in our power to ask not to have one. I really think Germans, Austrians, English people, French, Romanians, Bulgarians, Americans should not die for Ukraine. I would never die for Ukraine. The Ukrainian people have the right to be free and to make their own choices, but they must find a way to this on their own way. Like Romanians did, for example, and only God knows how many people died on this land 25 years ago. I lived those times and I still remember the bullets sound.

We must ask for peace. Is OUR RIGHT. And I think the people we elected to represent us have the obligation to not drag us in a war that is not our. If this would happen, it would be the end of the world and WE MUST PREVENT THAT.

PS. It is so strange to see that people around the world don’t go in the street to ask for peace….

Eco feeling: Easter eggs dyed with onion skins

Today is Green Thursday for us, the orthodox people and that means we are 3 days ahead of Easter. Although Mary put the eggs’ basket on cross’s base on Friday, in my grandmother’s village, in Transylvania and in all the area, the tradition says you must dye the Easter eggs on Green Thursday if you want them to last and to not get spoiled so fast.


I don’t believe that, but I like traditions and I’m trying to keep them alive, that’s why, for some years I’m using natural ingredients for our Easter eggs.


Red onion leaves is my favorite ingredient for red color and is a proven recipe. There is no need to say that this is an ecological way to dye and healthy too, chemical free, cause all you need is:

1 pot (not your best cause the onion pigment will color it)

2 spoons of white vinegar


onion skins

and the eggs

If you want them to be shiny and prettier rub them with grease (oil or some animal fat). Don’t forget to do this step while the eggs are still hot.

How to do it? Very simple

Wash the eggs and dry them, then put them in the pot filled with water on the stove. Add the vinegar and the onion skins (use only the fine leaves as you can see in the pictures) and let them boil as usual. Stir once in a while during the boiling process to be sure the color will get to all the eggs. Use a spoon to take one egg out from the pot to verify the color.


When the eggs are hard boiled take them out on a newspaper or paper towel and rub them with grease.

That’s it!



Bad weather, a birdie and some flowers

There might be spring in calendar, but I have my boots on today. Together with this gloomy feeling of a never ending rain.


It’s raining outside, of course, and is very cold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t think of spring,  good weather and optimism. Yes, we can, especially that yesterday we had a small “window” of sun and we could take out the last part of the debris that stopped us from working on our garden. We actually cleaned a part of the yard from construction traces, but the earth is still full of them. We also added some fatty soil to make it better for the plants and we planted 2 lavenders and 2 pots of Irish Moss. It’s just a small corner of it, but I can’t even tell you how happy it makes us.

3I know I’m updating what we were doing around, but the pictures have no connection with what I’m talking about. We bought, yesterday, some metal plant hangers for our brand new Mediterranean wall, but one of them was so beautiful and elegant, and it looked so pretty on a corner, that we’ve decided to let it inside.





45What’s the catch with the tulips? None 🙂 I’m just putting them here cause I like how they look like, even now when they’re almost dead.


Our future garden captured in…bulbs and pots

I caaaaaaaaaaaaan’t wake up so early in the morning anymore! and I can’t go to sleep on chicken’s hour! We are very, very tired because of all the work and the construction site we have around. If we’re feeling this way after only 2 weeks, I can’t even imagine how others might feel after one or two years of constructions. It must be awful. 


I guess it is a bit harder for us because we are coming from a year and a half full of stress and difficult decisions, cause right after our wedding and honeymoon, in 2012, we started looking for a plot to build our future house, then because we didn’t actually find what we wanted, we started searching for a house. The 9 month’s search was terrible, then we had to deal for 3 months with the bank papers. Luckily, everything was fine, but only for a while, cause we had to deal with the house renovating problems for 4 months.

We had a terrible year, with almost no breathing time, and I guess that’s why these 2 weeks were so difficult to handle.

Anyway, the wall you could see some days ago (here) is receiving today its final white touch and very, very soon (tomorrow probably) we’ll put the lights on too. Although I feel there is no patience left in my bones, I know tomorrow we’ll reach the finish line so I will be able to clean all the house and windows, we’ll return to our normal life program and we’ll have a future garden.


The garden is actually what I wanted to talk about and is funny to imagine it full of beautiful blossoms now, when is only dirt there (and a lonely sour cherry tree we inherited from the former owner), we bought already a bag full of bulbs to plant in the next days. We took 16 packages with bulbs of 12 flower’s species and we’re preparing to plant 3 lavender plants we have in pots and in my parents’ garden, a climbing yellow rose, two tiny pots with Irish moss, 2 raspberries plants (a yellow and a red one) and I’m planning to create a herb garden I love so much and Laurentiu (with my help) will build his so much wanted vegetable garden in a circle shape.

So, so close……but it feels soooooo so far away……


Spring (Easter) door decoration

We had a huge grapevine in our yard we’ve decided to take down. It was old, it was making a lot of cold shadow and the grapes were not good. Even in the beginning we thought we could keep a corner of the vine, the ugly and rusty metals that sustained it, made us think we should cut it all.


…and so it happened…

But even I felt sorry for the plant, cause it was something alive with maybe a soul (who can say for sure it doesn’t have a soul?) we cut it Saturday. The vines were left in a part of the yard waiting for the truck to come and get them, but today, when I saw them standing out there, I felt pity again. That’s why I have decided to actually do something with some of them. So I made a door decoration. A very cheap one (the whole fun didn’t cost more than one hour – in time – and 3,4 euros – in money) perfect for spring and even Easter.


I have chosen the green color because of the spring’s tone and also because it was the only “palette” I had on hand. (I created the decoration with the things we bought for other purposes :)).

Anyway, in the beginning  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, the inspiration came after (that’s why I added the butterfly later) and I hope you like the result.  This door decoration has the role to change the winter time paper wreath I made in December (you can see here).


A garden in the making (Before and “After” pictures)

If you’re wondering how to spend the money you don’t actually have, ask us. We can solve your dilemma in no time, cause we know exactly how to do it 🙂

What I’m trying to say is that our life, home and yard were turn up side down lately, because we started about one and a half week ago the work in the back yard. A long ago, the former owner kept his household animals there – like pigs, rabbits, quails – and he even had a “rustic” toilette out there. Even the animals are long gone (eaten) and the rustic toilette was moved inside, that doesn’t mean the walls and the coops were removed. They remained there for so long that they forgot the role they played in people’s life. And probably they waited for us to do the job.

before yard2

yard before

so we did it (actually we’re doing it right now, cause the workers are outside, doing their job). In numbers, what the crazy old man had there were: 3 tones of metal and 9 trucks full of debris we had to take them out and this cost us money, especially that the yard was full with concrete we had to pull out too.

yard now

The good part is that we have chosen a great contractor (not like the last one) and the guys are doing a great job. Cause we are building a new wall – Mediterranean white one – we’re fixing the house’s wall, we insulate it right now and we’ll put some lights on the wall with a move sensor. As you can see in the picture, our fun is not ready yet, we still have to fix the back yard’s part, but we’ll do it later, cause we would not be ready till Easter.

Here, in the small yard we’ll create our garden I’m gonna show it to you when we’ll have it. So, I’ll be back with news when the guys will be ready, to show you the result :). Until then, keep the fingers crossed for us and our nerves.

yard before 3yard now2