Exciting, exciting, exciting experience

You must step out from your comfort zone, they say. It is helpful for you, they say, cause each challenge you take teaches you something new about yourself. And so did my latest exciting experience. What I’ve learned is that I can control my emotions very well, that I am in charge over myself, no matter how wildly my heart is beating. Or how fast I feel like running in the opposite direction.

ale4I’ve been on stage many times, during my dancing years (I have 10 years of ballet school on my background and 2 years of contemporary dance) but, most of the time, I danced, not talked as it happened Sunday.
Because of my love for dancing in general and my job, I’ve been in contact with the Ballet Theater in our city, so a week ago they asked me if I want to present their Ballet Gala. Of course I said YES! YES! I’M IN! It is a great honor. Well, is not the first time, I must say. I presented their shows two times before, and each time it  was special, scary, confusing and difficult to breathe 🙂 Because of the stage emotions. But each time I could manage all the feelings and I could cross them.
In just a few words, I didn’t spoil their show (thank God!):)))))).
As you can see, I knew this before, but I’ve chosen not to say anything about it. Cause each time I reveal my plans they end up being dropped.
What I wanted to say is that I had a great evening. Scary and terrifying, but incredible and completely beautiful. And I would repeat it in no time. For sure…

Pizza for dinner? Of course! For dinner, breakfast, anytime!

I must say I exaggerate a little here, cause I’m not that obsessed with pizza. I mean, I like it, but if you ask me what I’d like to eat, I must be really hungry and ready to eat A.N.Y.T.H.I.N.G, to say “pizza”. That doesn’t mean I don’t know people who would eat pizza all day long, for breakfast, lunch and dinner (as my Laurentiu, but shhhhhhhh, don’t tell him I said that :D), so that’s why, today, when I was thinking what to cook for dinner, I don’t know why, but pizza was the first thing I had in mind.


Maybe because it is easy to make, tasty, everybody loves it, is pretty quick to make and it doesn’t require too many ingredients.

This recipe for the dinner, breakfast or lunch feeling is my dedication to all pizza’s fans who would like to create their very own “pie”.


The quantities are the ones I used, and they are enough to feed a hungry family of three (or four), cause the dough is enough to make 2 big thin pizzas filled with whatever you like and feel like eating.

Soooooooooooo 3..2…1! And let’s make our hands dirty!


What you need

~for the dough~

500 grams of flour

1 package (7 grams) of dry yeast

a spoon of olive oil


warm water

~for pizza’s base~

fresh or canned tomatoes

3 garlic cloves


basil and oregano

a blender (or a fork)


How to do it

Everything is pretty simple to do, but the dough will need about an hour to grow so if you’re really hungry, grab something to eat. Put the flour in a large bowl and mix it with the yeast. Make a hole in the middle and add the olive oil, then the salt and start mixing the ingredients, by adding water until your dough becomes sticky. Knead it a little – hey don’t be afraid to use your hand – then add some flour (you’ll not need much, just a little), to make an elastic dough. Take the dough out from the bowl and knead it firmly for about 5 minutes.

* a tip – if you want to know if your dough is done, make it a ball, put a finger in the flour, then press the dough. If it’s elastic and your finger doesn’t let a hole in it, then is ready

Put some flour on top of your dough ball, put it in the bowl, cover it with a clean kitchen towel and let it rest in a warm place for an hour.


The base

With a blender mix the garlic, peeled tomatoes, salt, basil and oregano, and if you have olive paste you can also use it instead of the tomato base I’ve just told you about.

In an hour your dough must be doubled, so it’s time to heat the oven on 200 degrees Celsius. Cut the dough in half and make the pizza you like it. Don’t forget to use a baking sheet.

*me, I made 2 pizzas – one with pecorino cheese and striped chicken, and the other one with hard salami and pecorino cheese. Simple and incredible tasty!

PS Let your pizza bake for about 15 minutes

We’ve decided to neuter Miaunel

I’ve always thought it is somehow barbarian to deny an animal the right to have “kids”. I know, I know, there are plenty of people who believe the opposite for a lot of reasons.


When Miaunel first came in our yard, it was pretty young – about 4 or 5 months old – so we’ve decided to wait a bit with this “harsh” decision and to let him grow and gain some muscles.

Now he is almost 9 months old (or 10, we are not sure), so fully grown up in cat’s world and we guess he already impregnated a grey cat who’s his friend and hanging in our yard too. I feel sorry for her, cause she’s tiny, young and scared of people and we realized the kittens he will make all over the neighborhood will find a house really hard.


So, in a very few words, we will neuter Miaunel for the sake of his future “kids” who will not die of starvation or because of the kids cruelty. Ah, and if the grey tiny cat will have his kittens and will bring them by, we’ll take care of them. And if we will not be able to adopt all of them, we’ll make sure they will have a nice, cozy and loving new home.


Our own gallery wall (before, in the process and after pictures)

A white huge sea seemed to be one of our walls we have decided to give some life to. Since our rented apartment time, we had some kind of a gallery wall, but it was just a pale example of what we wanted to have, actually.


I simply love gallery walls, some places where you can put all the things you love, everything you want to show to the world, even your art. And so we did. Our wall is not full yet. There is plenty of room left in the white ocean, but this is what we wanted to expose, for now.


What I put there? Well……one of my “paintings”, one of my poems, an earring, keys, two old locks, a horseshoe, a white wood frame I put some letters on (with “hidden” words and messages), a fish and family pictures.

All we want from this wall is to tell our story….and I think it does


PS. Before asking Laurentiu to drill the holes in the wall, for me, I cut newspaper in the exact shapes of the objects and frames and I arranged them on the wall to be sure they are in the perfect place.


Create a fake brick wall on 10 dollars

Renovating the old house was not the only sport we had to handle for the past few months (the Before and After pictures are here), cause when we moved in, from the rented apartment, we had practically almost nothing. And what we had was difficult to keep (because of the ugliness :D). After buying the house and the huge home makeover (here), we had too little money left for making or buying new stuff, so we had to handle what we had for a while. And believe me it wasn’t easy at all.


We are living there for about 4 and 1/2 months and through the past 3 months we were busy changing the old furniture in order to make the space more appealing for us in the first place. First thing we did was to buy an electric oven and stove, to make a tiny part of kitchen’s furniture for them, to buy some light fixtures (see them here), a new kitchen table (now we’re able to put our guests in one place), and Laurentiu made 3 small cabinets for our stuff.

Life flows better in our kitchen now, cause it no longer looks like a storehouse, and we feel like we are able to go and stay there, a thing we could not do before. And me, I feel like I can breathe through all my ingredients. Even so, I can tell you the kitchen odyssey is far from being over and our “adventure” is still in the beginning, cause, after we finish what we have to do in the yard and around the house (this year we’ll start taking care of our garden and we’ll finish what we didn’t finish on the exterior of our home), we’ll change the kitchen completely. But that’s another story.

Anyway, this is the reason we didn’t want to invest too much in temporarily things, we’ll change anyway, and we search for simple and cheap solutions to change the “face” and air of the kitchen.

This is how we had the idea to create a tiny brick wall in the back of our stove and kitchen sink, with self adhesive vinyl paper.

All we had to do was to buy the printed paper, to measure everything, to be careful making the bricks flow and to add a narrow wood frame which we’re going to paint black :). For the whole fun we payed not more than 10 dollars.


Breakfast feeling: Who’s afraid of green onion?

Not me, for sure. And Laurentiu either. Nope, we are not afraid of green onion on our breakfast plate, but that’s not a breakfast “ingredient” you’d want to have on a working day.


I must eat in the morning and if I don’t do it I get cranky and sick, but this morning, right after our coffee we ran in the vegetable market, on empty stomach, to bring that beautiful spring on our table. I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy the first vegetables in the city market and we bought plenty of pinky radishes, green onion, local cheese, wild garlic. The first fresh vegetables of this year.


I must say, I am preoccupied with healthy eating and the best way of doing it is to have on your plate the vegetables and fruits of the season. And now radishes, green onion, spinach, lettuce, green and wild garlic are on stage.

Our breakfast was not very interesting and I didn’t cook anything. Actually I boiled some chicken and quail eggs, I chopped some wild garlic to sprinkle the simple feta cheese with, where I added a few drops of extra virgin oil olive.

…….so simple, but the spring tastes incredibly good…..


PS. When you buy wild garlic, squeeze one leave and smell it. It must smell like garlic. I’m saying this because the plant looks very much like a poisonous flower.