My “works of art” (paintings)

There were evenings a while ago when I felt like doing something with my hands. Yeah, I like using my mind, but sometimes my hands can’t stay still stood, so I have to make them (and myself) busy. I must admit: The creativity strikes especially when Laurentiu’s favorite football team is playing, so I have to do something interesting while he’s watching the game. Most of the time I’m surfing on the Internet in search of inspiration, but sometimes I start doing something.


I am not a painter. Not at all. I’m really bad at it, and it seems like I have no sense of proportions. “My” people have, all the time, bigger heads or narrow shoulders, loooong necks. In a few words, they are like aliens. I like to think dancing and words are what I’m good at, especially because of my 10 years of ballet study, and my love for writing, but sometimes, the white walls and the need to fill them with something make me do some “works of art” :))))).


I’ve decided to show them to you, especially that they are in our living room, so everybody who comes into our house can see them. Please don’t laugh :))) even they are not the best paintings you’ve seen :)))). The themes are some of my “obsessions”: flying and time.


20140228_091402The last 2 ones are not my work, it’s nature’s, but I wanted to share with you some spring feeling from one of our windows. There is something I did, actually: the paper snowflakes.


It’s Transylvania, baby! Green lettuce soup

Hmmmm. When it comes to this dish there is no middle way. You either like it, either not. Especially that there are people who find it a bit strange. And it is, indeed, a weird spring soup made with vegetables, milk, bacon and eggs. How can you call it but weird a soup made with scrumbled eggs, right?



This soup, in this form, comes from Transylvania and that’s why it has so much garlic in it. Anyway, I love garlic, lettuce, and eggs so I am in love with this traditional soup (ciorba de salata, as we call it around here), even I’m not a huge fan of soups, in general.

All of those being said, let’s prepare this dish and scare some vampires too.


What you need:

one lettuce, but if you want it richer make two

6 or 7 garlic cloves

2 spring onions

milk (1 glass)

2 eggs for omelette

some butter

olive oil


bacon (optional – I didn’t use it, cause I’m not a big fan of fatty things, but if you like it, you can use it)


How to do it

1. Wash the lettuce and the onion, let them dry and peel the garlic

2. Chop the garlic and the onion and the lettuce too, if you want a finer look for your soup (if you want a rustic look break it by hand)

3.  Put the soup pot on fire, then add some butter, the green onion and garlic

4. Add the lettuce, stir, then add the milk

5. Let everything boil a bit, then put warm water into your pot. (3 measurements of water on 1 measure of milk – in our case, 3 glasses with water. Cover and let it boil)

6. While your vegetables are boiling put a pan on fire and make the omelette. Cut it in chunks for a traditional look and thin for an elegant one :). I like the traditional way (If you’re using bacon, fry it before the eggs and add it into your omelette for a smoky flavor)

7. Add as much salt as you like then, when the vegetables are boiled, add the omelette into the soup and let it boil one more minute. If you like your food more spicy sprinkle some white pepper into your soup, then enjoy



Tips: Make your life easier in the kitchen

Hmmmmm……… in the kitchen…..

sometimes spending time in the kitchen it’s not an easy thing to do. Exactly for those moments, for all of them, actually, some tips were invented to make eveything easier and faster.


Here are my top 6 tips in the kitchen:

1. if you have some eggs in the fridge for a while and don’t know if you still can eat them, there is a trick to find out – put cold water in a pot and let the egg drop in the water. If it goes fast on the bottom of the pot you can eat it with no worry, if it stays somewhere in the middle, you can eat it, but it’s not so fresh anymore. Forget about it if the egg start to swim relaxed on the surface of the water

2. again about eggs :). If you have an egg in the fridge and have no idea if it’s boiled or fresh, try to rotate it like a whirligig. If it spins, then is boiled. If not, you can cook it, cause is fresh.

3. if you have something to boil and want to finish fast, put not cold, but warm water in the pot, from the very beginning.

4. if you want your coffee not to lose the flavor, keep it in the fridge

5. when you’re cooking clean and wash the dishes while you go

6. keep your fresh onion in the fridge. You will not cry while you’ll peel it









The funny (sleepy) black cat

On the table, on the couch, in the bed, on the chair, no matter where, actually, I always find a place (and a reason for sleeping). I even have some pictures to prove it.

On the table:

2014-02-10 19.27.292014-02-10 19.26.442014-02-10 19.22.22on clothes (what is the mess for, actually?):

2014-02-14 16.26.252014-02-14 16.26.50sometimes I sleep even near the window, but not today ūüôā

2014-02-14 11.00.302014-02-14 11.02.08

It sounds impossible but it’s not – healthy fast food: Fast couscous with cheese stuffed mushrooms

As I told you already, I like to cook, but I am not patient enough to spend decades in the kitchen (as our mothers were doing). That’s why I like to cook interesting, tasty, healthy but most of all fast meals. And I’d rather cook each day fresh dishes than cooking in advance for one week. If a meal is “older” than 2 days I simply can’t eat it anymore.¬†


My healthy fast food  principle was in motion two days ago, when I felt so hungry that I could eat the table, so I had to find a way to cook our dinner in less than 30 minutes. And I did.


I prepared a good looking couscous, vegetable and cheese stuffed mushrooms dish. Pssssst don’t tell anyone, but even the mushrooms appear to be vegetarian, they are not, cause together with the hard cheese I added some bacon.

What you need:

some frozen vegetables

fresh mushrooms

grated cheese (what you find in the fridge)

bacon (or hard salami) cut in small pieces



How to do it:

1.Wash the mushrooms and stuff each of them with the cheese and the bacon (or salami).

2. Put baking sheet in a tray and add the mushrooms (for s simpler work stuff the mushrooms while they are in the tray)

3. Put them into the oven on 200 degrees Celsius

Boil couscous and in the meantime, in a pan, “prepare” the frozen vegetable mix. When they are both ready combine them and add the salt, pepper and squeeze some lemon over.

The whole dinner must be ready in about 20 minutes so the hunger will run scared pretty fast.


It’s so boring and trivial to be unhappy

Life doesn’t give us too many reasons of happiness. There are so many things “not so perfect”, ugly, painful, upsetting that is almost a miracle we find sometimes a glimpse of happiness. But they are almost invisible and absent in the majority of moments. And for most of the people.
There are people who are looking for unhappiness day by day, in somewhat of an intellectual drunkenness and who are convinced that happiness is a feeling for poor spirited people, cause it’s cooler to have a terrible and completely dark day.miau1

Finding happiness is difficult. It’s very difficult, I can say, cause for many of us the pain and misery are like breathing, drinking or eating. It’s in our being to search for the bad and the ugly moments in life. We just can’t help it.

But if you ask me, happiness is a way of seeing things. The angle you’re looking life is the key to open an incredible door. It’s easier than you think to be content about that tasty morning coffee, the beautiful sunny day, the spring, the falling snow. You can get mad on the cold blowing wind and spoiling your day, or you can focus on the beauty of a complete sunny day.
Happiness is a matter of angle and personal choice, and is just wrong and stupid to give other people the power to control your mood and joy. If you let someone to annoy you and you’re thinking all day long what that person did or said and how upsetting that was, you let the power slip out of you hand. And you are on other people’s mercy.

Happiness is difficult to achieve, but is not impossible. It is easier (boring and trivial) to be angry and in misery so why not switch the angle you’re seeing the world through?

PS. Miauner, our cat, is ONE of the reasons of our beautiful days and happiness


Breakfast feeling: Spinach and parmesan omelette

Eggs, spinach, parmesan and a garlic clove make¬† a magical bond together. Especially when you’re creating an omelette to lighten your beloved ones breakfasts.¬† And speaking of devil, an omelette is an endless world of possibilities, so you can use it to get rid of those chicken or vegetable leftovers you have no idea what to do with.


For today’s breakfast, I’ve chosen a beautiful and healthy omelette, and even there is¬† garlic involved, don’t get scared by it. It is not smelly at all if you use just one or two garlic cloves, but spinach is almost tasteless without it.


I realized actually, during cooking that in this part of the world people are really in love with garlic and they use it in the kitchen as much as they can. Maybe this was their way to escape of the vampires, cause, hey baby, this is Transylvania. hehehe


Ok, Ok, I’m stoping all this chit chat and I will show you the recipe and the mmmmmmmmm really tasty result


To prepare this is fast and easy, so you can cook it even in a busy morning.

What you need (the quantities are for one person):

2 fresh eggs

1 (or 2) minced garlic cloves

1 cup of fresh spinach

a small pan

salt & pepper


one (or 2) spoons of olive oil

How to do it

Crack the eggs and beat them. In the meantime heat the pan and add the olive oil, the spinach and the garlic. Let the spinach to soften a bit, then add the eggs. Cook the omelette and make sure the spinach is spreaded equally.

Put the omelette on a big plate and grate over some parmesan.

You’ll love it especially with toast bread.

Now we have kitchen light fixtures. Finally!

Our kitchen is far from being ready or perfect.  We still have tones of work to do there. The curent kitchen was initially a room we transformed into a kitchen, so you can imagine how difficult it was for us to create plumbing and all the other stuff needed in a room like that.

ceiling 1ceiling2

Anyway, until we’ll make the final furniture and appliances¬† we’re updating our kitchen as fast as we can.¬† This is what we did today, actually, when we installed the two rows of¬† light fixtures. In the morning and in the past few months we had two “naked” bulbs and three wires, and now we have some nice ligths on the ceiling.

We have chosen a funny dotted theme for them, to give our kitchen a happy new look. I guess we succeded it.

after lights 1after lights 2after lights3

PS. I really like this swiss cheese look the 3 pendants have

Snack feeling: Bruschetta (the “hard” way)

The hard, or the easy way, no matter how you do it, Bruschetta tastes the same. No wonder, when there are the same ingredients “involved”: bread, tomatoes, salt, pepper, garlic, basil and olive oil.


In my case, I like to add another tasty ingredient in many of my dishes, so here too – parmesan – and a secret one – love. It’s funny how a bite is able to lose its savor if you prepare it when you’re angry, upset or ill, so if you want your meal to be perfect and have the “Je ne sais quoi” thing, do it with love.


Even all Bruschetta may appear to taste the same, if you look closer, there is still a difference between them. It stays in texture and in some of the flavors, and I might say, the same as Laurentiu, that “the hard way” Bruschetta is tastier. Maybe because you need a little more patience, time, love and attention to do it. And there is an oven involved in this culinary “affair”. All of these being said, let’s prepare some “hard way” bruschetta. (And no, this one is not difficult at all.


What you need:


3 garlic cloves

bread (any kind of bread – I used an olive bread for a more Mediterranean feeling)

basil (I couldn’t find my basil, so I used oregano)

salt & pepper

olive oil


How to do it

1. Cut the tomatoes in small cubes and add them salt, pepper, the crushed garlic and the oregano or basil (or both). If you have fresh basil use it. Your food will have a great, freshy flavor

2. Cut the bread, put into the oven tray and place the tomato composition on each of them

3. Add to each slice olive oil and some grated parmesan

4. Put in the oven until the cheese melts but be careful to not let the bread get too dry