The God of the small things & Nature

Nature knows the best how things need to be done. That is why I’ve always loved natural fibers and I hated plastic. With all my heart.

….I like delicate materials like glass, porcelain, wood, straw, bamboo, wool, cotton, silk….There is something warm about them. warm in terms of the feeling they give you..

I’ve decided, today, to take some pictures to some of the natural and recently bought things around our house. As you may see, already, we have a weird fixation with baskets.

2014-01-31 11.02.53

our small geometric wool rug (the only rug in the house :))

2014-01-31 10.59.59my ballet shoes from another life…ballet time is gone, but the love for dancing remains

2014-01-31 10.51.20we bought 7 baskets lately and it seems we don’t have enough of them

2014-01-31 10.52.06I love this one

2014-01-31 10.54.35…and this one we made responsible for keeping bread


A secret: Lemon juice (or sugar) over tomatoes

Acid. Tomatoes are acid. That’s why when you cook with tomato juice and tomatoes, is better to sprinkle some sugar (very little) in the pasta sauce you’re preparing. This is a way to soften the tomatoes acid and to make the “result” really tasty.

And speaking of devil (tomatoes), if you eat them raw and want to be impressed by them, add some lemon juice. You’ll like the flavor a lot, cause the lemon’s acid will boost tomatoes’. At least this is what I’ve experienced today, during my frugal, simple and T.A.S.T.Y breakfast.

2014-01-31 10.31.09I know you’re wondering what’s on the plate. Wellllll……toast oatmeal bread, cottage cheese (I love), some cherry tomatoes (sprinkled with lemon juice and salt) and olives.

 PS. If you like to complicate your life, and taste, add to the cheese, tomatoes or eggs, some thyme. Each of them makes a great pair with thyme. 2014-01-31 10.31.18

Our home has a soul

There is a thing left in my mind by the former owner of our house. “We had such a good life, as children, there, we were so happy, that the house deserves to be young again”. Beautiful said, isn’t it? Her words made me think so many times about all the lives lived there, about all the people who left something in (now) our home. They were maybe sad, happy, probably some people even died there. Others were born.
I’m not scared about the history of our home. I like it. And I’m thinking about the people who owned it every time I see the summer pictures, when the grey house showed us her secrets: where she had a door, a window or another wall…
There are people, I’m sure, who would like to build a house from the root, to let between the walls their own and only “finger print”, but I’m not like that. And Laurentiu either. We like to imagine how our little white house looked like about 100 years ago when I’m sure it existed, who and how were their owners during times.
Our home has a soul, a beautiful, peaceful one, and I’m happy we are able to let our “finger print” as a small signature on her (hi)story….casa after1

Living room inspiration: It seems I like everything!

Cottage, funky, classic, eclectic, colonial, all white with a splash of color, industrial, all black with some glamorous gold, exotic, Mediterranean….and so on…and so on…

I’ve been focused on living room lately: living room couch, living room coffee table, living room wall art, living room rugs and I’ve realized there are billion of ways to decorate it. All white, all black and the colors in between. Surfing on the internet I can see I like all particular styles, but even some of them are completely different than others, I know already I like bold and interesting designs, not ordinary, cause ordinary means boring.

I want our living room be at least intriguing with pieces that apparently don’t match, that are in opposite directions and exotic. I hope I will be able to do that.

Until then, I’m looking for some inspiration.




Here we are…the white, romantic, simple, cottage – beach mood. How could you not love it? Just lay down on that simple white couch and dream…about cookies, and sweet cup cakes, fluffy cats, friendly dogs, the loved ones and lazy days….




Colonial and eclectic style…Hm. Colonial is classic and exotic, with woody textures and animal prints. I’m not crazy about animal prints, but there is something exotic about this one. Anyway,  I must admit I like this eclectic living room more. Yes, is not white, but is absolutely elegant, modern and…perfect. The eclectic style is tricky, cause you can clutter the space in no time if you don’t know what you’re doing. Balance is everything and here they did it perfectly. I love it



Yes, I love industrial style too…How could you not like it?


funky 9via

This one was on funky category. I would rather call it somehow…neutral.

oriental 10via

I left my absolute favorite picture for the end. I love the combination of textures, the earthy feeling and the soft and exotic lines…

Behind the scenes: Miaunel, “The spoiled baby”


Yeah,  I know , I know, I’ve started this “Behind the scenes” thing exactly with me, the “Dizzy artist” aka The Queen of Modesty, but now is time to find out some things about Miaunel, the stray cat who became the most spoiled and picky cat I’ve ever seen.

miaunel beforemiaunel today

Ok, so here we go: five things about our spoiled furry baby

*when you don’t know where he is, is enough to open the fridge’s door

*he hates chicken, but loves weird “cat” food, like olives, cheese and eggs

*he is like a chicken in his litter box. he makes sand everywhere around

*the “women” (actually one only) are crazy about him. they (the one I’ve told you about) come around by themselves (herself) into his crib

*when he first showed up, his nose area was brown and had a white mustache hair. now he is all black, like New Zeeland’s rugby team.



What? Tajine? I want it, I want it!

There are several things on earth that, when appear in my vision, they get stuck in my brain and never leave. Yeah, obsession is the key word for that “illness” i don’t wanna cure, anyway.


The thing that got stuck in my mind, and gives me no peace lately, is TAJINE, the beautiful, beautiful vase, used in Arabic kitchen, that makes the food… Well… I don’t know how it makes it, but I wanna try for sure.

Did I tell you that when it comes to food I like all the new stuff (and healthy). Yeah, Romanian traditional is fine, but because I have it on my finger tip I’m not curious at all about it. I like exotic food, new and interesting. The newer, the better and, lucky me, Laurentiu is eager to try my culinary experiments. Maybe because I didn’t burn anything or poisoned anyone, yet.


Tajine vase……Hmmm……I’ve seen it in a shop and I want it. B.A.D.L.Y. Who knows maybe I’ll get a present in the near future to finally see how the food tastes like.

PS. The pictures are not mine (obviously). They are taken from wikipedia 🙂

Ah, cottage gardens….!

Oh, I can’t even tell you how much I love gardens! There is something glorious seeing that little plant growing and becoming stronger only through the power of Mother Nature and your care. I find peace, happiness, joy, calm and love of life in a beautiful garden, and this is the strongest motif we have chosen the hard way of buying a house with a plot.



And speaking of gardens…..

I like cottage ones, romantic and somehow wild, with hidden spaces, tall grass, small flowers, vegetables, edibles plants and herbs here and there, with tiny paths and climbing vines, jasmine and roses…….Cottage gardens are gonna be my inspiration in building our garden. The same as Mediterranean ones….



The Christmas Tree is gone…The white corner arrives

We were in a hurry last year, as always, actually, so we decorated our Christmas Tree in December the 1 st. Maybe this isn’t hurry for the States, but for my country, believe me it is.

white cornerwhite corner2

white 1

So the Christmas is gone….and also the New Year’s…and almost two weeks from this year, so we started to get bored of the Christmas Tree. One and a half month I guess is enough, even for one of the most beautiful trees we actually had in the past few years.

I couldn’t wait for the tree to get back in its box, so I can find a new place, for our B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L tea cart, I told you about some posts ago… Together with the tea cart, we also found a place for my vintage typing machine, for my ouzo glass I bought in a shop in Corfu Island, for my old glass (I bought in an antique store) filled with some sand from Sahara desert and for our wedding picture.


The tea cart became the home of our city’s little houses I put in a glass bowl as in a small world…


The recently white corner has also the tall paper lamp we both love a lot.

PS. I took the liberty to take a picture to Laurentiu’s  elegant rocking chair we bought 2 weeks ago. Cause we ended the last year and started the new one, spending….. This is not the chair’s place, but I thought you’d like to see it too 🙂