“Less is more”. Scandinavians know this better

White, white, white and… white again seem to be the “color” most used in Scandinavian interior design. No wonder why. When you live in a place where is night for 6 months a year, you try desperately to bring more light into your home.

scandinavian 1



scandinavian 2


Our zone is a normal one. With normal (COLD) winters. With normal (pretty and warm) summers, with soft falls and gorgeous spring times. I can’t say we need, around here, to bring more light into our homes but….. I’m absolutely in love with the airy feeling¬† Scandinavian interior design seems to give.


scandinavian 3


“Less is more” it’s my rule when it comes to everything in my life and I prefer high quality stuff, less of them, instead of low class multiple nothings.¬† I can’t say I live after some sort of minimalist laws, I like simple things, airy and soft, but the pure northern white could be enriched with some colors sometimes (in my opinion).

scandinavian 4SOURCE

I like white, but combined with neutral tones, with warm colors and with black accents, but that doesn’t mean you can’t just use the simple, perfect balanced white and wooden Scandinavian tones as a source of inspiration. Especially when it comes to white Christmas….


scandinavian 5


We bought a house today

Today we bought a… house. Hey wait. Is not THAT kind of house you might have in mind. I must say we are very peaceful and happy in our tiny white house so we won’t change it for anything in the world.

The house we bought today is a tea light one, made of metal, and inspired me to create a winter arrangement with two snowy trees I made last year and two snowy men I bought from the store.


casuta alba1casuta alba 2We experienced today the first snow around here and I must say there is not such a feeling as returning in our cozy and warm home to our funny, happy and lazy cat when outside is cold and wet…casa albacasa alba2

PS. I’ll show you one of these days how I made the paper trees.



Torture and kitchen inspiration


Each time I want to torture myself I start looking for inspiration…

Torture and inspiration don’t go well together, you say? Sure they do! Is enough for me to take a look at my unfinished kitchen, to start swimming (ok, surfing, but I don’t do surf) on the internet for the most gorgeous kitchens. I know already how my ideal kitchen would look like and I assure you that even right now our kitchen is not even a… normal one, we’ll have that white room I’ve always wished for, even without knowing it.

chair 1


Our kitchen is going to be white (as I said already), with a classic line, with black accessories, new and modern appliances, an island, tall iron chairs, or exotic chairs, with glass or industrial pendant laps, depends on what I would fall in love with.

light inspiration1

light inspiration2



I like simplicity in design, classical lines, because they never get outdated, with extremely sophisticate, modern, exotic and surprising accessories or pendant lamps.


light inspiration3


I am convinced that only a simple and clean general design is able to highlight a completely different and surprising item. Like a strange splash of color in a white and a bit black kitchen, or a big vintage pocket watch on a simple, white wall.

…. and so on… light inspiration4

Mirror, mirror on the wall? Well… Depends on the model

Mirrors are the magical objects where other worlds are born. No wonder all the good fantastic stories have a mirror hidden (or not) somewhere between the lines. I like mirrors in stories, and in interior design too, for their capacity to make places and rooms appear larger and for the illusion they give you that, if you know where to look, you may find another world behind the watery surface.
I like mirrors and I want us to put one on our small hallway. A tall one that I’m almost sure it will look like a window.
I have a philosophy for smaller places – Go big or don’t go at all – meaning that even you have the tendency to put a small lighting object (for instance) in your small hallway, don’t do it. Use a large chandelier for the WOW effect, cause, for sure, this is how you’ll cross over all the expectations.
We did it too. We hanged on our hallway ceiling the big Ikea’s Maskros lamp and it does look great. Especially in the evening.

maskros buna
The next step is the mirror I am talking about. I’ve found some mirror’s models I like, but the first one here is my favorite. This is how my hallway mirror will look like, but with a black frame.

1st inspiration2nd inspiration3rd inspiration