Bad weather, a birdie and some flowers

There might be spring in calendar, but I have my boots on today. Together with this gloomy feeling of a never ending rain.


It’s raining outside, of course, and is very cold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t think of spring,Ā  good weather and optimism. Yes, we can, especially that yesterday we had a small “window” of sun and we could take out the last part of the debris that stopped us from working on our garden. We actually cleaned a part of the yard from construction traces, but the earth is still full of them. We also added some fatty soil to make it better for the plants and we planted 2 lavenders and 2 pots of Irish Moss. It’s just a small corner of it, but I can’t even tell you how happy it makes us.

3I know I’m updating what we were doing around, but the pictures have no connection with what I’m talking about. We bought, yesterday, some metal plant hangers for our brand new Mediterranean wall, but one of them was so beautiful and elegant, and it looked so pretty on a corner, that we’ve decided to let it inside.





45What’s the catch with the tulips? None šŸ™‚ I’m just putting them here cause I like how they look like, even now when they’re almost dead.


Spring (Easter) door decoration

We had a huge grapevine in our yard we’ve decided to take down. It was old, it was making a lot of cold shadow and the grapes were not good. Even in the beginning we thought we could keep a corner of the vine, the ugly and rusty metals that sustained it, made us think we should cut it all.


…and so it happened…

But even I felt sorry for the plant, cause it was something alive with maybe a soul (who can say for sure it doesn’t have a soul?) we cut it Saturday. The vines were left in a part of the yard waiting for the truck to come and get them, but today, when I saw them standing out there, I felt pity again. That’s why I have decided to actually do something with some of them. So I made a door decoration. A very cheap one (the whole fun didn’t cost more than one hour – in time – and 3,4 euros – in money) perfect for spring and even Easter.


I have chosen the green color because of the spring’s tone and also because it was the only “palette” I had on hand. (I created the decoration with the things we bought for other purposes :)).

Anyway, in the beginningĀ  I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, the inspiration came after (that’s why I added the butterfly later) and I hope you like the result.Ā  This door decoration has the role to change the winter time paper wreath I made in December (you can see here).


Our own gallery wall (before, in the process and after pictures)

A white huge sea seemed to be one of our walls we have decided to give some life to. Since our rented apartment time, we had some kind of a gallery wall, but it was just a pale example of what we wanted to have, actually.


I simply love gallery walls, some places where you can put all the things you love, everything you want to show to the world, even your art. And so we did. Our wall is not full yet. There is plenty of room left in the white ocean, but this is what we wanted to expose, for now.


What I put there? Well……one of my “paintings”, one of my poems, an earring, keys, two old locks, a horseshoe, a white wood frame I put some letters on (with “hidden” words and messages), a fish and family pictures.

All we want from this wall is to tell our story….and I think it does


PS. Before asking Laurentiu to drill the holes in the wall, for me, I cut newspaper in the exact shapes of the objects and frames and I arranged them on the wall to be sure they are in the perfect place.


Create a fake brick wall on 10 dollars

Renovating the old house was not the only sport we had to handle for the past few months (the Before and After pictures are here), cause when we moved in, from the rented apartment, we had practically almost nothing. And what we had was difficult to keep (because of the ugliness :D). After buying the house and the huge home makeover (here), we had too little money left for making or buying new stuff, so we had to handle what we had for a while. And believe me it wasn’t easy at all.


We are living there for about 4 and 1/2 months and through the past 3 months we were busy changing the old furniture in order to make the space more appealing for us in the first place. First thing we did was to buy an electric oven and stove, to make a tiny part of kitchen’s furniture for them, to buy some light fixtures (see them here), a new kitchen table (now we’re able to put our guests in one place), and Laurentiu made 3 small cabinets for our stuff.

Life flows better in our kitchen now, cause it no longer looks like a storehouse, and we feel like we are able to go and stay there, a thing we could not do before. And me, I feel like I can breathe through all my ingredients. Even so, I can tell you the kitchen odyssey is far from being over and our “adventure” is still in the beginning, cause, after we finish what we have to do in the yard and around the house (this year we’ll start taking care of our garden and we’ll finish what we didn’t finish on the exterior of our home), we’ll change the kitchen completely. But that’s another story.

Anyway, this is the reason we didn’t want to invest too much in temporarily things, we’ll change anyway, and we search for simple and cheap solutions to change the “face” and air of the kitchen.

This is how we had the idea to create a tiny brick wall in the back of our stove and kitchen sink, with self adhesive vinyl paper.

All we had to do was to buy the printed paper, to measure everything, to be careful making the bricks flow and to add a narrow wood frame which we’re going to paint black :). For the whole fun we payed not more than 10 dollars.


My “works of art” (paintings)

There were evenings a while ago when I felt like doing something with my hands. Yeah, I like using my mind, but sometimes my hands can’t stay still stood, so I have to make them (and myself) busy. I must admit: The creativity strikes especially when Laurentiu’s favorite football team is playing, so I have to do something interesting while he’s watching the game. Most of the time I’m surfing on the Internet in search of inspiration, but sometimes I start doing something.


I am not a painter. Not at all. I’m really bad at it, and it seems like I have no sense of proportions. “My” people have, all the time, bigger heads or narrow shoulders, loooong necks. In a few words, they are like aliens. I like to think dancing and words are what I’m good at, especially because of my 10 years of ballet study, and my love for writing, but sometimes, the white walls and the need to fill them with something make me do some “works of art” :))))).


I’ve decided to show them to you, especially that they are in our living room, so everybody who comes into our house can see them. Please don’t laugh :))) even they are not the best paintings you’ve seen :)))). The themes are some of my “obsessions”: flying and time.


20140228_091402The last 2 ones are not my work, it’s nature’s, but I wanted to share with you some spring feeling from one of our windows. There is something I did, actually: the paper snowflakes.


Now we have kitchen light fixtures. Finally!

Our kitchen is far from being ready or perfect.Ā  We still have tones of work to do there. The curent kitchen was initially a room we transformed into a kitchen, so you can imagine how difficult it was for us to create plumbing and all the other stuff needed in a room like that.

ceiling 1ceiling2

Anyway, until we’ll make the final furniture and appliancesĀ  we’re updating our kitchen as fast as we can.Ā  This is what we did today, actually, when we installed the two rows ofĀ  light fixtures. In the morning and in the past few months we had two “naked” bulbs and three wires, and now we have some nice ligths on the ceiling.

We have chosen a funny dotted theme for them, to give our kitchen a happy new look. I guess we succeded it.

after lights 1after lights 2after lights3

PS. I really like this swiss cheese look the 3 pendants have

Dinner feeling: French Potatoes

They are called french potatoes around here. I don’t know if they came from France, if a french guy invented them, but what I know is that we inaugurated our brand new oven with this incredible tasty dish.

I can’t even tell you how happy I am that we have now an oven, that’s working, so I can unleash my culinary creativity.

cartofi1I had this dish in mind for some days already but I couldn’t find time to make it. ThanksĀ  God I had today all the ingredients I needed. Actually I almost couldn’t make it, cause right before the start I realized we don’t have enough eggs. Luckily our small fridge had some quail eggs well kept so I used 15 of them together with the 2 chicken eggs I had left.



What you need:

5 boiled potatoes

5 hard boiled chicken eggs

200 grams of grated cheese

some butter for the oven pan

salt & pepper

2 eggs

200 grams of sour cream

How you do it:

1. Put the butter on the pan’s walls, then slice potatoes as thin as you can and make one layer on the buttom of the pan. Sprinkle salt and pepper, then add another layer of the boiled sliced eggs. Sprinkle salt and pepper

2. Over the eggs make another layer of grated cheese, then over the cheese put another layer of potatoes. Make the layers until you finish all the quantity of potatoes, eggs and cheese.

3. Beat the 2 eggs with the sour cream and put it in the pan right on top of all of your layers.

4. Put it in the oven on 200 degrees Celsius for about 45 minutes till it parch.

Some people use it as a side dish, but we transformed these great potatoes into our dinner, with an aragula, green onion and cherry tomatoes salad.

The God of the small things & Nature

Nature knows the best how things need to be done. That is why I’ve always loved natural fibers and I hated plastic. With all my heart.

….I like delicate materials like glass, porcelain, wood, straw, bamboo, wool, cotton, silk….There is something warm about them. warm in terms of the feeling they give you..

I’ve decided, today, to take some pictures to some of the natural and recently bought things around our house. As you may see, already, we have a weird fixation with baskets.

2014-01-31 11.02.53

our small geometric wool rug (the only rug in the house :))

2014-01-31 10.59.59my ballet shoes from another life…ballet time is gone, but the love for dancing remains

2014-01-31 10.51.20we bought 7 baskets lately and it seems we don’t have enough of them

2014-01-31 10.52.06I love this one

2014-01-31 10.54.35…and this one we made responsible for keeping bread


Our home has a soul

There is a thing left in my mind by the former owner of our house. “We had such a good life, as children, there, we were so happy, that the house deserves to be young again”. Beautiful said, isn’t it? Her words made me think so many times about all the lives lived there, about all the people who left something in (now) our home. They were maybe sad, happy, probably some people even died there. Others were born.
I’m not scared about the history of our home. I like it. And I’m thinking about the people who owned it every time I see the summer pictures, when the grey house showed us her secrets: where she had a door, a window or another wall…
There are people, I’m sure, who would like to build a house from the root, to let between the walls their own and only “finger print”, but I’m not like that. And Laurentiu either. We like to imagine how our little white house looked like about 100 years ago when I’m sure it existed, who and how were their owners during times.
Our home has a soul, a beautiful, peaceful one, and I’m happy we are able to let our “finger print” as a small signature on her (hi)story….casa after1