Our latest aquisition: antique beautiful stool…

I simply and absolutely adore old things, but I must say I would not like to fill our house only with old furniture and decorations, mix and match, eclectic and beach styles being my favorites. I think a house and an interior become interesting only when a modern object or furniture is put near an old one, an antique stool, for example being able to become more interesting near a simple table or couch.


What I’m trying to say is that we bought today a gorgeous stool. It is an old piece we’ve taken from a flea shop and I have no idea what to do with it. Maybe we’ll paint it white and we’ll use it as a side table to give a splash of color to our living room, or we’ll keep it just the way it is and we’d find a place for it, or would paint it black to make it look a little bit like another stool we have with a simpler and more classic line, but I’m not sure yet.


Anyway, just for now, since we’ll figure out what to do with it, we put it somewhere in the sight to look at it all the time… And to imagine all the stories it hides behind its beautiful somehow peachy velvet upholstery…


Whatever we decide, I’ll let you know

Introducing a new cat to an old one. A not so difficult task

Let’s say you own a cat. A black, crazy and a bit aggressive male one. And let’s imagine that one day, when you were preparing to go for a show, a new tiny, cute, striped guy “falls” directly into your arms.

12014-02-10 19.27.29

Humans who know a bit about cats know that they are jealous creatures. Even animals, they resemble with people so much, especially that they can be really possessive, skeptical about new arrivals into the house (their house) and that you really can’t make them do what they don’t want to.

Ok…..So we had this new guy we had decided to keep especially to give a play partner to our older cat, Miaunel, who is beating all the cats around and who doesn’t tolerate any feline around.


I was worried, of course, and we were thinking what to do and how to make the meeting as smooth as possible, especially that Norocel, the little one was so tiny and fragile that I could imagine Miaunel killing him with just one strike.

2014-02-14 11.02.01

So if you find yourself in this situation, follow these steps and your cats will become good friends or naughty brothers as ours

1. For the first 3-4 days keep the cats separate and try to spend as much time as possible with the new one. Show him you’re the one who’s going  to give him love and food. This way you’ll help him trust you.

2. When you feel and see the cat is not scared of you anymore, introduce him to the older cat. We kept Norocel in our arms when he first meet Miaunel to be sure Miaunel is not going to have a bad reaction

3. After 3 or 4 meetings like this let them eat together. This is how they’re going to relate each other with a nice experience like eating. Make sure to not yell at them and to not scare them


4. Be always there, with your cats when they are together and if things are starting to heat and one of them gets irritated end the meeting

5. Let your cats eat together and when they feel comfortable in each other presence, let them stay together longer

6. Let them play but only under your supervision. Soon they will become good friends if they don’t beat each other

7. Be extra careful if the kitten is younger than 3 months.

Selfie :)

Yeah, I was born one month ago, but I know what “Selfie” means. And, because it’s a trend, I thought to myself: “Hey, I can try one Selfie too. Or maybe two”.


There’s a new guy in town. He fell out of a linden tree :)

Miaunel, our black cat, loves to be our single “child”. He likes his food, his territory and he beats up almost any cat that comes around “his yard”. Officially, we have only Miaunel, even we feel pity for 2 other cats we use to feed once in a while, when they appear on our doorstep. But they are “wild”, don’t let us touch them, run like crazy only if we look at them, and don’t come around every day.

new3(we gave him a soft sock to play, to forget, a bit, about his mother)

Despite the love for his territory, Miaunel often feels bored and he comes and go every day, in search for fun. This is the reason we wanted to bring him a play mate. We thought a white cat would be nice, like Kusturica’s movie “White cat, black cat”, but the fate had something else in mind.

A funny thing happened yesterday evening. Laurentiu and I wanted to see a dance show and had in mind to take a walk to the event, and to forget about the car, because of the beautiful evening. This is how, not far from our street we heard a scared miawing. We looked closely and we discovered a grey striped kitten stuck in a tree. We took a chair from my father’s place and after some considerable efforts, aided by a juicy chicken bite, Laurentiu could get the little fellow out from the linden tree.


He was so little, so tiny and so scared, thin and hungry that we HAD NO CHOICE but take him home. We fed him, cuddled him and let him sleep on a towel on the couch for the night. The funny thing is that, even he cried out for his mother in the evening, he was quiet over night and in the morning he was not so scared anymore and even played.

Miaunel didn’t meet him yet (cause the new little guy is a boy cat), we let the kitten get used to us first, for a few days, than we’ll introduce him to Miaunel. The new guy doesn’t have a name yet, either. We feel is a little too early for that, but, if everything goes well, he will soon have one.


I had in mind, maybe, to call him May, cause we are pretty sure he was born in the beginning of May and is about 1 month old.



We’ve decided to neuter Miaunel

I’ve always thought it is somehow barbarian to deny an animal the right to have “kids”. I know, I know, there are plenty of people who believe the opposite for a lot of reasons.


When Miaunel first came in our yard, it was pretty young – about 4 or 5 months old – so we’ve decided to wait a bit with this “harsh” decision and to let him grow and gain some muscles.

Now he is almost 9 months old (or 10, we are not sure), so fully grown up in cat’s world and we guess he already impregnated a grey cat who’s his friend and hanging in our yard too. I feel sorry for her, cause she’s tiny, young and scared of people and we realized the kittens he will make all over the neighborhood will find a house really hard.


So, in a very few words, we will neuter Miaunel for the sake of his future “kids” who will not die of starvation or because of the kids cruelty. Ah, and if the grey tiny cat will have his kittens and will bring them by, we’ll take care of them. And if we will not be able to adopt all of them, we’ll make sure they will have a nice, cozy and loving new home.


The funny (sleepy) black cat

On the table, on the couch, in the bed, on the chair, no matter where, actually, I always find a place (and a reason for sleeping). I even have some pictures to prove it.

On the table:

2014-02-10 19.27.292014-02-10 19.26.442014-02-10 19.22.22on clothes (what is the mess for, actually?):

2014-02-14 16.26.252014-02-14 16.26.50sometimes I sleep even near the window, but not today 🙂

2014-02-14 11.00.302014-02-14 11.02.08

It’s so boring and trivial to be unhappy

Life doesn’t give us too many reasons of happiness. There are so many things “not so perfect”, ugly, painful, upsetting that is almost a miracle we find sometimes a glimpse of happiness. But they are almost invisible and absent in the majority of moments. And for most of the people.
There are people who are looking for unhappiness day by day, in somewhat of an intellectual drunkenness and who are convinced that happiness is a feeling for poor spirited people, cause it’s cooler to have a terrible and completely dark day.miau1

Finding happiness is difficult. It’s very difficult, I can say, cause for many of us the pain and misery are like breathing, drinking or eating. It’s in our being to search for the bad and the ugly moments in life. We just can’t help it.

But if you ask me, happiness is a way of seeing things. The angle you’re looking life is the key to open an incredible door. It’s easier than you think to be content about that tasty morning coffee, the beautiful sunny day, the spring, the falling snow. You can get mad on the cold blowing wind and spoiling your day, or you can focus on the beauty of a complete sunny day.
Happiness is a matter of angle and personal choice, and is just wrong and stupid to give other people the power to control your mood and joy. If you let someone to annoy you and you’re thinking all day long what that person did or said and how upsetting that was, you let the power slip out of you hand. And you are on other people’s mercy.

Happiness is difficult to achieve, but is not impossible. It is easier (boring and trivial) to be angry and in misery so why not switch the angle you’re seeing the world through?

PS. Miauner, our cat, is ONE of the reasons of our beautiful days and happiness


Behind the scenes: Miaunel, “The spoiled baby”


Yeah,  I know , I know, I’ve started this “Behind the scenes” thing exactly with me, the “Dizzy artist” aka The Queen of Modesty, but now is time to find out some things about Miaunel, the stray cat who became the most spoiled and picky cat I’ve ever seen.

miaunel beforemiaunel today

Ok, so here we go: five things about our spoiled furry baby

*when you don’t know where he is, is enough to open the fridge’s door

*he hates chicken, but loves weird “cat” food, like olives, cheese and eggs

*he is like a chicken in his litter box. he makes sand everywhere around

*the “women” (actually one only) are crazy about him. they (the one I’ve told you about) come around by themselves (herself) into his crib

*when he first showed up, his nose area was brown and had a white mustache hair. now he is all black, like New Zeeland’s rugby team.



The Before & After cat :D

Be careful how, when and with whom you are falling asleep, cause you might wake up with some “snowy” dots 😀 (or a tattoo in some cases).

PS. Sorry for the dotted picture quality. The light was not perfect as you can see it by yourself.

PPS. No cat was harmed during this decorating “procedure”. The “snow flakes” were not glued on Miaunel, just placed there for a funny picture.mitzi1mitzi2