What? Tajine? I want it, I want it!

There are several things on earth that, when appear in my vision, they get stuck in my brain and never leave. Yeah, obsession is the key word for that “illness” i don’t wanna cure, anyway.


The thing that got stuck in my mind, and gives me no peace lately, is TAJINE, the beautiful, beautiful vase, used in Arabic kitchen, that makes the food… Well… I don’t know how it makes it, but I wanna try for sure.

Did I tell you that when it comes to food I like all the new stuff (and healthy). Yeah, Romanian traditional is fine, but because I have it on my finger tip I’m not curious at all about it. I like exotic food, new and interesting. The newer, the better and, lucky me, Laurentiu is eager to try my culinary experiments. Maybe because I didn’t burn anything or poisoned anyone, yet.


Tajine vase……Hmmm……I’ve seen it in a shop and I want it. B.A.D.L.Y. Who knows maybe I’ll get a present in the near future to finally see how the food tastes like.

PS. The pictures are not mine (obviously). They are taken from wikipedia 🙂

Dreaming about our future garden

One strong reason that made us start looking for a house with a yard was the love we both have for gardens. Yeah, that was a surprise for me too: realizing how much I love taking care of a garden, watching the plants grow and bloom. I am the one in love with flowers, small trees and herbs, LaurenĹŁiu being the one who likes a lot growing vegetables.

so the P.E.R.F.E.C.T. match, right?


Our yard doesn’t have a garden right now, cause we didn’t have time, energy and money left after our summer/fall house adventure, but, now, when the stress is almost gone and we are more relaxed, I can’t wait for spring to come, to start building and creating our garden…


I must admit, I made already a project for our garden, and even the land piece is not huge, I know exactly how is going to look like: with jasmine plants and climbing roses, with a young apple tree (the love symbol) which is going to grow with us and our house, a fig tree i’m going to take from my parents’ yard, with stone and sand alleys, a traditional Transylvanian bread oven, a swing under a patch of vines we kept from the former owners and a tiny vegetable garden.


We know already what we are getting into, cause we both have some experience with gardening. I started mine in my parents’ mini garden, and Laurentiu grew some organic vegetables in our balcony (in the apt we rented).

Ah and we’ll have in our garden a bird bath, some bird’s houses and plants for butterflies……


Behind the scenes: 5 funny things you don’t wanna know about Alexandra, the “Dizzy Artist”

10 micita

1. No matter how early I wake up, I end up by getting late. I just can’t get on time

2. I usually forget home my house keys and mobile phone, or I lose my umbrella somewhere on my way between two points

3. I get angry when I’m hungry

4. It happened to wear thicker clothes on warm days and thin in colder days

5. I’m dangerous in supermarkets, cause I break, hit or destroy something……

The owners of a mini city (Christmas window decoration)

Who wouldn’t like to own a city? In love of the idea of being the same as a magnate, I’ve decided yesterday to create our very own city. Actually our own town. We can’t say, now, we will gain some nice money from taxes, cause our city has only 3 houses, but the pretty thing about them is that they all are in love with their hearts in the roof, so nobody “inside” hates us, the magnates :))))).


The winter town has a tree, a pale of snow as background, a huge snow ball, and grew up on our window.

Yes, I’ve decided to change the windows decorations, by removing the fake snow and the blue lights (I didn’t like much), and by adding a mini town and some hanging silver globes on white and silver crepe paper. I can finally say I like how our windows look like.


PS. The whole arrangement didn’t cost more than 5 euros (6,5 USD).

Spring in winter: Festive violet paper flower wreath

After the Christmas tree, now the entry door is in the row to receive the winter festive touch. OOOOkkkkkk. Being a person who love to do things the hard way, I’ve started 6 days ago, I think, to make my own paper flower wreath. Even I wanted it to be white and silver, now, when is finally ready it looks like the spring landed on our threshold (actually not yet, cause I’ve just finished doing it and is not fixed yet). Even I tried to make that violet wreath a little festive with the white and silver ribbon I guess, we can forget it on the door until summer and is not going to look outdated.



To make it is not difficult at all and what you need is, beside patience, some thick crepe paper, a foam circle, scissors and a good glue. You can use every type of paper you like, even books or music sheets. They would make your wreath look in love….


How to do it:

1. I used 3 layers of paper, cut in squares, then shaped as a circle (by cutting the corners).

2. I transformed the circle in a spiral (cut with the scissors), witch become, by rolling (from the exterior to the interior) and then gluing the base to keep the “petals” in place, a pretty rose, or any kind of flower you’d like to imagine.

3.   To make the wreath, I glued each rose on the circle and… that’s all.

Do you think the whole operation was as simple as that? Well, not quite, cause you have to “book” some afternoons and evenings for that pretty door you’re gonna have. Or wall, if you want to place it over your bed, for example.

A domestic goddess? Hmmm….Yes, please!

How does a domestic goddess look like? Hmmmm…let’s see. She is beautiful, good looking, is taking care of herself, she is sexy, not obsessed with cleaning, cooking and even she is perfectly capable of making some traditional chicken stew with polenta (and I’m sure she would make it deliciously) she is not cooking it. Not because she doesn’t like traditions, but because she is looking for more sophisticate tastes, ingredients and dishes.

geea(foto source)
For this kind of goddess, the food is the same as magic, cause she knows this is a way (a pretty straight one) to the heart of all people around her, especially family.
A domestic goddess doesn’t stay in the kitchen all day long. Not at all. And she would never let herself go, to be swept in a 100% domestic universe.  
In a world where women are perfect to be…men, wear pants more than skirts and have no idea what femininity means, a domestic goddess who knows not how to cook an egg, but how to prepare a dish nobody tasted before, is like a sun ray in the world of darkness. Especially that she can look gorgeous while doing it :D.

An advice: Want a house? Never, never, ever and NEVER give up!

When you are a normal person, with a normal income and normal parents, buying a house might be almost an impossible thing. Unless… You have some hidden socks full with money or… you found an ancient treasure.
Yeah, I know it’s not that bad, I exaggerate a little bit here, but I’m doing it only to show you that buying a house is not a very simple thing to do. Especially when you see your future home placed in the center (or not far from the center) of your city, is “equipped” with a garden (or the land is big enough to become a garden) and we’re not talking about an apartment in a house here.

…things like that…

We wanted all these and in our (actual) area the houses “capable” to complete the rules I told you about are not cheap at all. And I’m not talking here about villas, or recently built houses. I’m talking about pretty normal houses who cost double the sum we had.

When your money are counted finding a good house in a good area becomes one of the most difficult things to do, especially that in good neighborhoods cheaper buildings appear rare and are sold in no time. Even faster than light’s speed.  (at least this is what happens here). That’s why when you intent to buy a house with “little” money (hey, you have to be prepared with more money than you’d pay for a good apartment cause you’re paying for the land too!) you have to be aware that you need: PATIENCE, PATIENCE and…PATIENCE.

Patience and money are not the only “qualities” you must have, cause “good” eyes and an open mind are also required. Meaning? Many people run screaming when they see an ugly house. “Cheaper” houses in good neighborhoods look bad. Trust me. They look really bad sometimes, but before considering buying them, make sure their foundation is fine, that the building doesn’t have resistance troubles, water infiltrations and mold. If all these are fine, then take it. It doesn’t matter how bad it looks, cause I can assure you that every ugly, old house, is able to become that DREAM HOME you’ve always wished for.

We looked almost a year for our home, and many times we almost gave up. I know that an apartment would have cost us less. Less money… less stress… less energy, but I guess our white house was waiting for us to make it young again. As the former owner said when we bought it. Maybe that white house was meant to be our especially that Laurentiu and I, both, love buildings with a story and history. (I tend to think that the first part of our house was built way before 1’st World War so in the Habsburgic Empire).
PS. I didn’t care much during our search that people asked me on and on when we are going to buy our house (or apartment)… I didn’t care at all neither what they said when we bought “that terrible house” cause we knew all the time what we wanted, what we were doing and what we are going to do. Especially that right now, our house almost doubled it’s value

….(and it will get even more expensive and valuable)…

So….We Bought a House


Here we are again! – Alexandra and Laurenţiu – pretty newly married (for one year:)) with no kids, and we are going to show you our journey to our dream home. We live in Transylvania, in a not so big, but charming city, and we are living (and working on) our dream. We can’t wait to see the house habitable, so we are able to take two kittens and a puppy.

Our story begins in the autumn of 2012 when, right after our wedding (in September the 15′th) and honeymoon, we’ve started our Odyssey. As I’ve already said, we both have a dream: to own not an apartment, but a house. A small one, in a big garden, with two cats and a dog. So, last year in October, right on this time, we started chasing it.

First thought was to buy a land piece and to build our own dream house, but in about three months, after billion of land sights we decided to drop the idea. Our rules were simple: to not make us car “addicted” (so the land piece had to be not so far from the city), to not make us spend more than necessary money on car gas; to be in a good location – not far from the vegetable market, schools and kinder gardens – and to be big enough to transform it in a romantic garden with a tiny vegetable corner. A very difficult thing….Believe me. Especially that the money we had were not enough to buy the newest house and that we didn’t want to make a big bank loan. So here we were, in the worse situation possible. I could say….

Anyway, after mornings, days, afternoons and evenings spent on the real estate websites, after we saw a huge amount of houses, we almost gave in. But we didn’t. And our perseverance finally brought us a result.
By the end of April we’ve found this house. It was old, looked terrible, it wasn’t inhabited for one year and the yard…the yard was a mess. Garbages, metals, leaves, bukets and a real jungle – up and down there, because of a very old grape vine. Despite all these, the house was in the perfect location: good neighborhood, on 5 minutes (by foot) from the biggest vegetable market of our city, on 10 minutes (by foot) from the old center of the city, on 2 streets away from school and kinder garden.
I think any other normal person would have been running screaming, because the house looked…. horrible. But we stayed. Especially for it’s location and because its structure was allright. I guess we could see the gem in the mud….

and still are…

As I said, we needed a loan, and after all the bank papers were done, we could, finally, after 3 months of waiting and nerves stretching, to sign the papers. The big event took place in July the 3rd, some months ago, but even so, we don’t live there.

Why? That’s an easy question. Cause we have to make the house young again…..
How things go we’ll show you in our next posts…

we had (have) a dream…


A small house in a big garden it is the dream we both (Laurentiu and I) shared since the very first moment of our love story…. We didn’t know back then (in june 2011), when we first met, that, in two years, we’ll actually have that tiny home we always wanted. The small house of 56 square meters (for now) is our big dream coming to life.

Now, in Anno Domini 2013, in early October, we are one step (let’s face it, more than one!) away from living in our own White House. And adopting two baby cats is going to be the second step we’ll take.

… here’s our journey…