The Before & After cat :D

Be careful how, when and with whom you are falling asleep, cause you might wake up with some “snowy” dots 😀 (or a tattoo in some cases).

PS. Sorry for the dotted picture quality. The light was not perfect as you can see it by yourself.

PPS. No cat was harmed during this decorating “procedure”. The “snow flakes” were not glued on Miaunel, just placed there for a funny picture.mitzi1mitzi2

Four bedroom pictures: ”Before”, ”After” and ”In the process”

After I bombarded you with food, I think it’s time to make some exercise with ”Before”, ”After” and ”In the process” pictures. As it happened outside the house, we had a lot of summer ”fun” on the inside too. Meaning?


Well….We first cleaned the walls till the bricks, then, we took out the wooden floors, then the old stoves, the chimneys since our house started to look like the Swiss cheese, we changed the old windows  and we put on a new roof and ceilings. After we got rid of all the old stuff in the house, we whitewashed the walls, and we made new concrete floors (actually our contractor did them cause we have ZERO knowledge in whitewashing), new plumbing and electric network, a new sewerage, then we took care of insulation and we put wooden floors all over the house.


You can see now a completely new house and the pictures took from our bedroom show you a tiny part of the interior work we had fun with :).

Anyway, the furniture is not the ”final” one, but is perfect for the beginning and for what we need right now. I still got an idea to make it a bit more fancy, so we’ll put some interesting wallpaper on our closet and on the headboard.


Ah! And you thought we let the self made ”french” door  with the broken window you can see in the picture? Neee. We have now some interesting bedroom doors with the intact glass. 🙂


We’ve never seen it as it was

I must admit I was pretty upset with the bank evaluator when he didn’t give a very good score to our house. (no wonder why :)))). And now, looking back, and being wiser :D, I understand we’ve never been realist when it came of the house. We had to make an imagination exercise from the very beginning, to see the ugly “Beast” magically transformed, so we actually didn’t really see all the mess around here.

The buckets, weeds, the dirt and the huge amount of work and stress waiting for us near the corner were not actually there. We could never see them and I’m sure now that this was the best thing. If we’ve seen it we would never had the courage to do anything. curte before july curte process2 curte process curte process3 curte process4 curte after

The yard, the house, the small guest house in the back yard, the garden are not finished. Not even close. Our tiny white house’s story is just in the beginning, but the first traces were made and I hope you’ll come with us in our scary, yet wonderful journey.

In the pictures you can see the first part of the house, in some stages of the process. The first window (in the right of the pictures) didn’t exist. We made a new window for bringing more light in our home. Because we know, of course, that a home filled with light is a happy home.

Probably the tiniest bathroom in the world…

I guess that, if the Guiness Book guys would get on our street and would use, by absurd, our bathroom, they will not give us a prize for the tiniest bathroom in the world, but they will put it for sure among the smallest.
Have you ever thought you’d never be able to put a sink, a shower, a toilet and your bathroom stuff in a 1,7 square meter room? Well I can tell you it’s possible.

baia beforebaia before2baia after1baia after2baia after3
Because we thought (for a very good reason) we could never use the old bathroom the house (still) has, we had to find a solution for a brand new such a place. So…we built our bathroom in a part of the old hallway, it has exactly 1,7 square meters and for now is the only bathroom in the house.
Despite it’s small dimensions, I can say it is one of the most charming places around here, especially because we didn’t listen to all the advices we got and instead of making it all white, we put paving stone on one of the walls. There is now a tiny sink, a tiny shower we had to buy from the internet cause we didn’t find it in the stores and (don’t smile!) a NORMAL toilet.

Right now, the bathroom is not completely finished, but it has already a big mirror, for the illusion of a bigger space, white and “stoned” walls, high ceiling and in the near future it will have some extra glass here and there.

I’m adding some pictures. Of the old hallway and the bathroom :).

PS. Sorry for the quality of the 1st picture, but it is the only one I have from that time

Our own… White House

Ok, ok, I know I’m not the First Lady of USA and Laurenţiu is for sure not president Obama, but I can say that we’re living in a white house. Not THAT White House, which is probably 300 times bigger, but for us, our tiny home is the equivalent of that well known residence. We’re crazy to compare what it can’t be compared, you’ll think, but when you’ll see the “Before” and “After” pictures, together with all the stages in between, you’ll understand that we were not crazy, but, for sure, not entirely normal either.


casa before scris

casa before2

casa after1 scris

casa after2 scris


I could manage, today, when is sunny, to take some pictures from outside the street and a funny thing happened to me. A lady who was passing by probably thought I was from some kind of real estate agency and asked me if the house was for sale. “No, is not”, I answered with a smile.

I’ll post today some pictures took from the street. “Before” and “After” pictures, to see how the house looked in July when it was just a Grey House, and how it looks now, after a serious face lift. We’re far from the end of our work, but we’re really proud of what we could do in the last four months.