Yay! Our Home is 1 Year Old. Before, After and in the process pictures

Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear hooo – ouse Happy Birthday to yoooou!

Yes, starting¬† today, our tiny white house is one year old. I mean last year on this time we had our paper signed so we became the owners of a….terrible, terrible new home :)))). Yes, I’m laughing now, but this is exactly how I felt – really scared – when I knew this house is our. For real, real.

before yafter hprocess1


As I wrote in one of my previous posts, we’ve never seen it as it was. Not before buying it but the reality hit us after we gave the money away. It hit me, at least, cause Laurentiu loved the house even when it was an ugly “Beast”.

They say, people make the place, and we tried to do our best in the past months. Today, after 12 months, I can say we are wiser, I think I would be able to take a new house from scratch :)))) just for fun and to use my experience, I know a lot about real estate, how a good house must look like and many things about constructions. The most important lesson we’ve learned is that nothing is impossible as long as you don’t give up, even everything around tells you you have not a single chance to succeed. What I also love is that we became a source of inspiration for some of the people who dream to have a house on their own.


12 months ago we had a yard full with weeds and coops, and a house with no water, no electricity, with not a real bathroom or kitchen, with a bad roof and bad floors, with broken windows and no modern heat system. Today we have a tiny white house, with a big kitchen where I can create my recipes, with all the things we love and inspire us, two cats – Miaunel & Norocel – a small terrace with an eating spot, our own lawn, a flower garden and a vegetable one :).

process3miaunelthe cats

I know this is not much for some people, but for us is an entire world. I also know we still have a lot of work to do around, but there is not bigger pleasure than waking in the morning and drink the coffee outside, in the garden, while watching the cats play.

afterafter2after h2

Wondering what we did this year? Well:

*we washed the walls till the bricks, just to make them stronger and to make a new coating and the insulation

*we changed the roof completely and we removed the old chimneys

*we removed the old wood floors, just to make a concrete floor, then a new wooden one

*we created a new window hole and we replaced all the windows

*we transformed a former room in the kitchen and we opened the hallway

*we created a small bathroom in a part of the hallway

*we painted the walls, the furniture, the old wooden doors and we transformed one of them in a french door

*we bought some new kitchen furniture, light fixtures all over the house and outside

*we changed the couch, our old stove

*we changed all the plumbing, electric and water network, and we made a new sewerage

*this spring we replaced the old yard wall with a new one, we put down all the coops we had around and the garage, just to make more room for our garden.

We still have a lot to do but about our future plans I’m gonna tell you tomorrow.

For now, champagne to everyone!

PS With the pictures I started backwards, cause I posted some of the yard before, after and in the process photos.