Our own… White House

Ok, ok, I know I’m not the First Lady of USA and LaurenĊ£iu is for sure not president Obama, but I can say that we’re living in a white house. Not THAT White House, which is probably 300 times bigger, but for us, our tiny home is the equivalent of that well known residence. We’re crazy to compare what it can’t be compared, you’ll think, but when you’ll see the “Before” and “After” pictures, together with all the stages in between, you’ll understand that we were not crazy, but, for sure, not entirely normal either.


casa before scris

casa before2

casa after1 scris

casa after2 scris


I could manage, today, when is sunny, to take some pictures from outside the street and a funny thing happened to me. A lady who was passing by probably thought I was from some kind of real estate agency and asked me if the house was for sale. “No, is not”, I answered with a smile.

I’ll post today some pictures took from the street. “Before” and “After” pictures, to see how the house looked in July when it was just a Grey House, and how it looks now, after a serious face lift. We’re far from the end of our work, but we’re really proud of what we could do in the last four months.

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