Dinner feeling: Layered polenta with chicken, vegetables and parmesan. All accomplished in the oven

When it comes to polenta, you can say with no fear of mistake that is one of our national food. I know, I know there is nothing glamorous about it. (I guess we are not as glamorous as we think we are :D). And how could it be glamorous, anyway? Polenta is just corn and when you taste it, you have just 2 options: to like it or to hate it.


I guess I’m the exception on that matter, cause I’m somewhere in the middle, between Yes and No, because I’m not crazy about polenta, but I admit there are dishes that go PERFECTLY with it. And today I’m gonna tell you about the last one.

The secret about food and cooking is to explore the taste. Once you know perfectly how some of the base ingredients taste, then you can try to combine them. In all the forms you have in mind. It is like, with an open mind, as a painter, you’re trying and trying to find a new color. Or medicine for the soul. Sometimes the food can miraculously transform in the perfect way to heal a wounded heart, being able to bring happiness in other people’s eyes.


For today, as you already guessed, polenta is going to be our main character and I warmly advice you to try this recipe cause you’re gonna love it, for sure (even you don’t like polenta very much, cause you have to like it just a little bit to really enjoy the dish). That’s my recipe and I’ve tried it before, but this time it came out great.

What you need

For Polenta:

*special corn flour for polenta



*5 grams of butter or a 1/2spoon of olive oil (I used olive oil)


How to do it

This is a very simple thing to do. Heat the water in a pot (if you put too much water your polenta will be huge) and add salt. Taste it (the saltier the water, the saltier polenta you’ll have). Add the butter or the oil. When it almost starts to boil add the corn flour while stirring. Is very important to stir if you don’t want to have lumps in your polenta. Lower the heat and let it boil stirring once in a while until is ready (in about 7 minutes)


For the vegetable layers 🙂

*3 big green onions (use 2 medium onions if you don’t have the green ones)

*some chicken breast cut in cubes

*3 tomatoes

*3 peppers

*salt, pepper, a chilli (if you like it spicier)

*garlic (green or in cloves)

How to do it

1.Take the skin out from the tomatoes, then chop all the vegetables.

2.In a deep frying pan add a spoon of olive oil then add the chicken. Fry it on fast heat until is ready.

3. Add the onion, and let it soften a bit, for 2 minutes, then add the peppers. Heat them for 3 minutes

4. In the same composition add the garlic and the tomatoes and let the vegetables boil together until the flavors mix (for about 5 minutes on high heat)

5. When the tomato juice is reduced, add the salt, pepper. I put a pinch of thyme too. Taste it and if it’s perfect, turn off the fireNow it’s your dish’s time: In a oven pot make a base layer of your polenta, 1,5 cm thick. Sprinkle it with grated parmesan, then add a layer of your vegetable composition, then polenta again and parmesan. Close it with the vegetables sprinkled with grated parmesan.

6. Put it in the oven on 180 degrees until the cheese melts.

And you’ll have a yummmmmmmyyyyyy dish for your dinner 🙂