Super easy: Make your own cream cheese with herbs

Summer is herb’s time and is a great idea for you to buy some seeds, to plant them in pots and to have then, fresh herbs to give savor to your dishes.

We made a trip in the vegetable market the other day and  we came home  with fresh quark cheese, tomatoes, peppers, local pecorino cheese and in season fruits…


In the matter of shopping, I like to buy local, and as clean fruits and veggies as possible. We do the same with eggs and cheese, but this is not a hard thing to do around here, cause we’re living in the “cheesiest” part of our country. The people here are famous for the way they make the cheese, so if you come around Sibiu area, don’t forget to taste the cheese. I’m sure you’re gonna love it.


We had today an easy going breakfast, outside, and it was perfect for this day, we call Rusalii, a very important ortodox holiday. Because of the easy going feeling I had since early morning when we woke up, I felt  like making a cream cheese with herbs, all natural, with a pinch of salt, olive oil and some black pepper (some people would use white pepper, but I like how black pepper look on the white “space” of the quark). Is easy to do, ready in no time, has a lot of flavor and has a cooling effect.


What you need

*low fat quark

*1/2 spoon of olive oil

*a pinch of salt&pepper

*fresh herbs (I used sage, thyme, marjoram, mint and basil)


How to do it:

1. I made it in the container I bought the cheese, then I put the flavored cheese into a tiny coffee cup to make it more appealing.

2. Chop the herbs in small pieces and add them in the cheese together with the oil, salt and pepper. Ornate it with fine spring onion rings