Kitchen tips: Beware of herbs :D

“Beware” is not the best word for what I have in mind in this post of mine, but it could be, cause, if you ask me, herbs are one of the most important aspects of a dish. They can be sour, salty, spicy, bitter, they have great flavors, have mythical roots (Ancient Greeks thought herbs are Afrodita’s elements) and most of the time they have medicinal properties. I am deeply in love with herbs and I’m working to improve my garden and collection with interesting and, why not, rare spices.

As many of you know, some herbs are perfect for white meat, others for red sauces. Unfortunately some of them can be poisonous if you don’t use them in the best quantities. If you want to know more of these, here are some tips:

*lavender tea is perfect if you need to calm down or if you have a sleepless night. Use one tea spoon of lavender for a big tea cup
*lavender and chamomile flowers are great when they’re mixed in ice cream
*be careful with nutmeg, not to use too much cause it can be toxic for you.
*the nutmeg works great with potatoes
*wild garlic is one of the first beautiful greens that appear in spring season. When you’re going to pick it, be careful to not mistake it with lily-of-the-valley’s leaves. They look the same, but the last ones are highly poisonous
*when you cook white meat – fish or chicken – the perfect herbs for them are rosemary, oregano and marjoram. You can apply the “rule” also to white sauces

leom thyme
*thyme makes a perfect pair with eggs cooked in all their forms and also with beans
*home made mayo can win more flavor with tarragon (here, in Transylvania we love tarragon and we keep it in white vinegar over winter. We use it to sour our traditional borsch)
*red sauces made with tomatoes go great with basil, marjoram, sage and thyme because of their astringent touch
*red sauces made with wine go great with cloves and some cinnamon
*peppermint tea is perfect for a disturbed stomach
*saffron, the world’s most expensive spice, if eaten in big quantities can make you laugh a lot 🙂
*thyme works also good with chickpea
*in deserts, cinnamon goes well with apples, but also with peaches
*another flavored leave that might become poisonous is the bay leave. When you cook something don’t use more than two of them. They are highly flavored anyway