Breakfast feeling: Leftovers omelette

As an omelette (and frittata) “specialist” as Laurentiu calls me :), I must say you can create an omelette out of almost anything as long as you have a pan, eggs, olive oil or butter. What I mean is that you can practically add anything to your favorite breakfast omelette. Meat, chicken leftovers, mushrooms, herbs, garlic, pepper and all the vegetables, even corn or sauces.


Searching through my phone, I’ve found some old omelette pictures I took in winter when I prepared comfort food for one of our cold mornings. Today, in our region is not cold anymore, nor warm, cause even officially we are in summer season, it’s raining and raining….and raining….


We are fed of rain, but, I guess nobody’s fed of a good omelette anybody can make with chicken leftovers 🙂

What you need

*chicken leftovers

*eggs (I usually use one egg for my omelette and 2 for Laurentiu’s)

*2 garlic cloves (one for each omelette)

*1 spoon of olive oil

*brie cheese sliced (I love it so much, as all the cheeses, actually)

*salt, pepper, thyme and sweet (or hot) paprika


How to do it

1. Cut the chicken and the garlic, beat the eggs with salt and pepper, add in a small hot pan  half of spoon of the olive oil.

2. Put the chicken in the pan, then the garlic (be careful not to burn it cause it would become bitter) and the eggs

3. When your eggs are almost an omelette, add the cheese and let it melt

4. Add the thyme and the paprika for more color

5. We ate our omelette with a simple salad made of aurugula sprinkled with some olive oil, lemon juice and parmesan.