Breakfast feeling: Mmmmmmmm…Eggs Benedict with Asparagus

Asparagus’ time is almost over. So we’re gonna start to miss it. Soon….Very soon. I like it so much that we ate 2,5 kilos in 2 days, but we still have some left, so I’m gonna transform it into a cream soup.


We have some bad weather around here, and even Miaunel who loves to stay outside is in the house and is sleeping since early morning. Probably  he had some interesting and busy night. By the way, did I tell you we neutered him? Thank God. Even first we took the decision based on his future kittens with no parents or foster home, we soon started to feel we can’t live with him anymore because of the spraying. Now he is a great cat. Clean and who smells good. Our house and yard are the same. So I feel our Miaunel is back and his cuteness is even greater. We can’t love him more, I can say.


I realized today I wrote lately only about food and garden. Almost nothing about the house. But they are my main interests right now. Especially that we spend a lot of time outdoor, so most of our days pass in the garden. Anyway, I’m not gonna change my habit now, right? so I’m gonna show you the 5 stars breakfast we had today.


It was incredible tasty, especially that combines some of our beloved ingredients – eggs, homemade Hollandaise Sauce, cheese (grilled), toasted bread and asparagus. My advice is to save the recipe for a weekend gloomy day, cause you’ll need some time and patience to create it.


Take your time, don’t panic and enjoy

What you need:

*asparagus (I used green and white)

*some cheese (grated, pecorino, or any cheese you like)

*eggs (I used 2 eggs for every person, and another  one for the sauce)

*a few drops of lime or lemon juice

*2 garlic cloves

*cold butter (about 30 grams)

*bread (one slice for each egg)


How to do it

1. If you use white asparagus, you have to peel it, but the green one is perfect the way it is. Prepare it like here.

2. In the same water you boiled your asparagus, prepare the poached eggs like here

3. For the Hollandaise Sauce you’ll need one egg yolk, the butter, lime/lemon juice, salt, pepper and some water, all combined in a bain marie vase.

4. The problem here is with the egg. Be careful to not overcook it, cause if you’re not careful you’ll have an unwanted omelette. So in the bain marie put about 3 spoons of water, add the  egg yolk stir everything then start adding the butter cut in small cubes. Don’t put it all together, cause your sauce will not have the creamy consistence.

5. Don’t stop from the stirring , add some extra drops of water if the composition is too thick. Take the pan from the fire and add the lemon juice drop by drop (be careful to not make it too sour) the salt and pepper. You have to taste it (maybe several times) to make it perfect.

6. When your sauce is ready is bread’s  turn. In a hot frying pan add a small quantity of cheese and put right away the cheese over it. Turn the bread and “fry it” on the other side with no cheese.

7. When you’re ready with the bread, create the arrangement for the plate, by placing the bread on the bottom, then the asparagus, then the egg. Sprinkle the egg with salt and pepper and then with the Hollandaise Sauce.

It is just a bit complicated than usual, but I assure you your effort will be awarded with a gorgeous and glamorous taste.