Snack feeling: Strawberry & banana smoothie

I don’t like to waste food. Each time I throw some spoiled food I’m thinking that somewhere in this world there are children, women, men, old people who have nothing to eat, who didn’t eat anything in that day, or worse who die of starvation. That’s why, I feel really bad when our food gets spoiled, but, against our efforts, it still happens.


This is the reason I’m trying to buy fresh ingredients, in small quantities, and we are not fond for once in a week shopping trips.

This strange feeling of future spoiled food came up in my heart 2 days ago, when we were in the vegetable and fruit market and  bought 2 kilos of strawberries. We both love them, and I don’t know what stopped us from taking 3 kilos. I even asked Laurentiu “Do you think we’re gonna eat them all?” and because he was sure we’ll make it we came home with a lot of the red and juicy fruits.

Today, after 2 days we are out of strawberries and this happened because we ate them like mad men. Eating them fresh was not the only use we gave them, cause yesterday, in a very hot day I used some of them in a strawberry – banana smoothie.

smoo2(I couldn’t resist the pink beauty and I tasted it a bit before I took this picture)

I didn’t have the inspiration to photograph the whole process (is a good thing the inspiration stroke when I saw the yummy result!)….but maybe because the drink is really fast to prepare (it was ready in less than 1 minute).

What you need

1 banana

yogurt (the quantity depends on the glass you have)

7 strawberries

1 coffee spoon of honey

a vertical blender

* in a hot day use the ingredients directly from the fridge, for a cooling effect

How to do it

Wash the strawberries (remove the green parts) and put them in the blender. Add the peeled banana cut in slices, the yogurt and honey. Blend them, put the smoothie in a tall glass and enjoy.