From the Beast to the…Beauty? Not yet, but we’re close


It’s me, “the 1st cat” 🙂 and even my first thought was to tell you first how we got here with our house, I’ve decided to start with the present and to sprinkle around from time to time some memories.
Since yesterday I’m living with this strange feeling that our house is a black hole. For our money, our time, thoughts and energy. Four months ago everything seemed nice and smoothly probably because we had money, time and excitement to start transforming the beast into the beauty.

However, I have to admit and to remember the terrifying thought I had on my first hour spent around our fresh bought house. I was S.C.A.R.E.D! cause only then I realized what we have been into and how much money and work we had to put in there. Looking back, I guess we have must been a little (more) crazy to make such an investment, and even I wanted so many times to run screaming, I’ve stayed. Maybe because I was stubborn enough to see that gem in the mud.

It’s been more than 3 months already of our 2 work months (as our contractor said) and we are still not in the house yet. We even “divorced” of our contractor and decided to finish the work all by ourselves.
This is how we’ve managed to paint our floors in an horrible yellow/orange pine color I could never live with.

…but that’s another story…

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