In love with asparagus. Cook it the best way possible (Updated)

I had my first experience with white asparagus some springs ago, in Germany, and I must admit: I didn’t like it very much. Even so, and because I strongly agree with those who say taste is a sense that can be educated, I’ve decided to give asparagus one more chance. And so I did. Our second “meeting” was not the best, but this strange “creature” left something on me: I started to miss it while I was back home.


This was the moment I realized I might like asparagus and I started to look for it in the supermarkets. White, or green, I simply love it, so you can imagine how happy and excited I was when I discovered that not far from our city there is an asparagus farm. What can I ask more? I have it all on my hand.

First I bought 2 kilos of green asparagus and we ate it all in one week, in different combinations, from side dish for chicken or fish, combined with Hollandaise Sauce, with a cheese omelette in the morning, as a cream soup, cooked in the oven, grilled or just like that.


Asparagus seems to be fish’s (salmon’s) and Hollandaise Sauce’s best friend, but if making an elaborate sauce is not your best skill, you can try to combine it with butter, salt, pepper, a garlic clove and some lemon juice.


How to do it:

I wrote already, right “upstairs” what you need, so i’m telling you how to do it.

Put water in a large pan, add some salt and bring it to boil. Add asparagus and let it boil al dente. Put it in ice cold water to keep its beautiful green color.

In a heated large frying pan add some butter and a spoon of olive oil, then put the asparagus and the minced garlic clove. Let them take a bath together for 1 minute, then add the salt, pepper and the lemon juice on your taste. You’ll have a divine treat.


*because it absorbs a very few chemicals from the soil, so it’s a clean treat

*it’s great to detoxify your body after heavy winters

*it is known as a natural aphrodisiac

*it cleans your liver and kidneys

*it is known as kings dish, because Lewis the XVI of France was crazy about it (a subjective motif :))