Bad weather, a birdie and some flowers

There might be spring in calendar, but I have my boots on today. Together with this gloomy feeling of a never ending rain.


It’s raining outside, of course, and is very cold, but that doesn’t mean we can’t think of spring,  good weather and optimism. Yes, we can, especially that yesterday we had a small “window” of sun and we could take out the last part of the debris that stopped us from working on our garden. We actually cleaned a part of the yard from construction traces, but the earth is still full of them. We also added some fatty soil to make it better for the plants and we planted 2 lavenders and 2 pots of Irish Moss. It’s just a small corner of it, but I can’t even tell you how happy it makes us.

3I know I’m updating what we were doing around, but the pictures have no connection with what I’m talking about. We bought, yesterday, some metal plant hangers for our brand new Mediterranean wall, but one of them was so beautiful and elegant, and it looked so pretty on a corner, that we’ve decided to let it inside.





45What’s the catch with the tulips? None 🙂 I’m just putting them here cause I like how they look like, even now when they’re almost dead.