Our future garden captured in…bulbs and pots

I caaaaaaaaaaaaan’t wake up so early in the morning anymore! and I can’t go to sleep on chicken’s hour! We are very, very tired because of all the work and the construction site we have around. If we’re feeling this way after only 2 weeks, I can’t even imagine how others might feel after one or two years of constructions. It must be awful. 


I guess it is a bit harder for us because we are coming from a year and a half full of stress and difficult decisions, cause right after our wedding and honeymoon, in 2012, we started looking for a plot to build our future house, then because we didn’t actually find what we wanted, we started searching for a house. The 9 month’s search was terrible, then we had to deal for 3 months with the bank papers. Luckily, everything was fine, but only for a while, cause we had to deal with the house renovating problems for 4 months.

We had a terrible year, with almost no breathing time, and I guess that’s why these 2 weeks were so difficult to handle.

Anyway, the wall you could see some days ago (here) is receiving today its final white touch and very, very soon (tomorrow probably) we’ll put the lights on too. Although I feel there is no patience left in my bones, I know tomorrow we’ll reach the finish line so I will be able to clean all the house and windows, we’ll return to our normal life program and we’ll have a future garden.


The garden is actually what I wanted to talk about and is funny to imagine it full of beautiful blossoms now, when is only dirt there (and a lonely sour cherry tree we inherited from the former owner), we bought already a bag full of bulbs to plant in the next days. We took 16 packages with bulbs of 12 flower’s species and we’re preparing to plant 3 lavender plants we have in pots and in my parents’ garden, a climbing yellow rose, two tiny pots with Irish moss, 2 raspberries plants (a yellow and a red one) and I’m planning to create a herb garden I love so much and Laurentiu (with my help) will build his so much wanted vegetable garden in a circle shape.

So, so close……but it feels soooooo so far away……