Spring (Easter) door decoration

We had a huge grapevine in our yard we’ve decided to take down. It was old, it was making a lot of cold shadow and the grapes were not good. Even in the beginning we thought we could keep a corner of the vine, the ugly and rusty metals that sustained it, made us think we should cut it all.


…and so it happened…

But even I felt sorry for the plant, cause it was something alive with maybe a soul (who can say for sure it doesn’t have a soul?) we cut it Saturday. The vines were left in a part of the yard waiting for the truck to come and get them, but today, when I saw them standing out there, I felt pity again. That’s why I have decided to actually do something with some of them. So I made a door decoration. A very cheap one (the whole fun didn’t cost more than one hour – in time – and 3,4 euros – in money) perfect for spring and even Easter.


I have chosen the green color because of the spring’s tone and also because it was the only “palette” I had on hand. (I created the decoration with the things we bought for other purposes :)).

Anyway, in the beginning¬† I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do, the inspiration came after (that’s why I added the butterfly later) and I hope you like the result.¬† This door decoration has the role to change the winter time paper wreath I made in December (you can see here).