A garden in the making (Before and “After” pictures)

If you’re wondering how to spend the money you don’t actually have, ask us. We can solve your dilemma in no time, cause we know exactly how to do it 🙂

What I’m trying to say is that our life, home and yard were turn up side down lately, because we started about one and a half week ago the work in the back yard. A long ago, the former owner kept his household animals there – like pigs, rabbits, quails – and he even had a “rustic” toilette out there. Even the animals are long gone (eaten) and the rustic toilette was moved inside, that doesn’t mean the walls and the coops were removed. They remained there for so long that they forgot the role they played in people’s life. And probably they waited for us to do the job.

before yard2

yard before

so we did it (actually we’re doing it right now, cause the workers are outside, doing their job). In numbers, what the crazy old man had there were: 3 tones of metal and 9 trucks full of debris we had to take them out and this cost us money, especially that the yard was full with concrete we had to pull out too.

yard now

The good part is that we have chosen a great contractor (not like the last one) and the guys are doing a great job. Cause we are building a new wall – Mediterranean white one – we’re fixing the house’s wall, we insulate it right now and we’ll put some lights on the wall with a move sensor. As you can see in the picture, our fun is not ready yet, we still have to fix the back yard’s part, but we’ll do it later, cause we would not be ready till Easter.

Here, in the small yard we’ll create our garden I’m gonna show it to you when we’ll have it. So, I’ll be back with news when the guys will be ready, to show you the result :). Until then, keep the fingers crossed for us and our nerves.

yard before 3yard now2